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China wants to start contrast drone ships in the South China Sea

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members onboard China’s Navy frigate, Huangshan call during the
initial nautical examination along the pickle nearby Changi Naval Base
in Singapore on May 15, 2017.

RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images

  • China has started building a ‘test field’ for unmanned
  • The 225 block nautical miles site is in the South
    China sea, adjacent to Macau
  • The plan will be China’s categorical bottom for unmanned ship
    record and could turn the largest plan of its
  • China finished its first test of unmanned surface
    vessels last week.

China has begun building a test margin for unmanned ships,
according to the government-authorized site China
Internet Information Center.

The Wanshan Marine Test Field, which began construction on
Saturday, is being built in the South China Sea off Zhuhai,
which is adjacent to Macau, and not distant from one of the world’s
busiest shipping ports, Hong Kong.

Ships will use the 225 block nautical miles to test
record including unconstrained steering and barrier avoidance.

The project, which the core reported “will be the largest of
its kind in [the] world” and China’s “main base” for unmanned
ship technology, is a corner beginning of a series of
organizations including the internal Zhuhai government
and Wuhan University of Technology. The university has been
building unmanned ship record for Chinese authorities for

several years.

Just a week earlier, China finished its
first test of unmanned surface vessels in nearby
Dongguan, in the Pearl River Delta.

The 22-foot vessel, grown by the Shenzhen Huazhong University
of Science and Technology, achieved patrols and changed in
arrangement with other unmanned vessels.

Eventually, unmanned vessels could concede China to remotely patrol
and make its territorial claims in the South China Sea.

South China Sea is a rarely quarrelsome area high in natural
resources that is also one of the world’s categorical shipping
corridors. China, Brunei, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the
Philippines have competing claims to areas of the sea and its

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