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Kansas Democrat drops out of House race after passionate nuisance accusations and lashes out at Democratic Party on the way out

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Ramsey was using in criticism to a pro-Trump

around The Kansas Star

  • A Democratic congressional candidate, Andrea Ramsey,
    has forsaken out of a Kansas race after passionate harassment
    allegations against her resurfaced.
  • In the matter she done announcing her exit, Ramsey
    criticized the Democratic Congressional Campaign
    Committee’s proceed to doing passionate harassment
  • Ramsey has denied the allegations done against

Democratic congressional claimant Andrea Ramsey on Friday said
she would dump out of a race to represent Kansas in the US House
of Representatives after allegations of passionate nuisance against
her resurfaced, the Kansas Star

Ramsey, who was using against Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder for
Kansas’s 3rd District seat, done the proclamation after the Star
asked about accusations from a 2005 lawsuit that she had sexually
tormented a male subordinate. The case was eventually settled, and
she denies the accusations.

In a matter announcing her exit, Ramsey lashed out at
the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for
determining to desert her campaign as the allegations

“In its rush to explain the high belligerent in the roiling
inhabitant review about harassment, the Democratic Party has
implemented a 0 toleration standard,” Ramsey said. “For me,
that means a vindictive, consummated employee’s fake allegations
are adequate for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
(DCCC) to confirm not to support the earnest campaign. We are in
a inhabitant moment where severe probity stands in place of careful
analysis, shade and due process.”

The claims against Ramsey were lifted in a lawsuit filed by
one of her subordinates, Gary Funkhouser, against LabOne,
the company where she was operative as the executive clamp president
of human resources at the time. The case had been staid without
Ramsey’s knowledge, the Star reported.

The DCCC did not validate a claimant in the congressional

“If anyone is guilty of passionate nuisance or sexual
assault, that person should not hold open office,” DCCC
mouthpiece Meredith Kelly said.

Ramsey has denied the accusations.

“Had those allegations, those fake allegations, been
brought against me directly instead of the company we would have
fought to discharge my name. we never would’ve settled,” Ramsey
told the Star.

Ramsey had been permitted by Emily’s List, a women’s group
ancillary womanlike pro-abortion rights candidates. Emily’s List
has given pronounced they support Ramsey’s withdrawal from the

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