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John Kelly skewed a congresswoman’s 2015 debate while he was criticizing her over Gold Star family controversy

john kelly homeland security
new video has irreproachable Rep. Wilson’s explain that John Kelly had
mischaracterized her statements in 2015

Associated Press/Andrew Harnik

  • A video shows that White House arch of staff John
    Kelly was wrong about Rep. Frederica Wilson’s 2015
  • The video shows Wilson took credit for fast-tracking an
    FBI building’s fixing routine rather than securing its
  • This is the latest part in a argument this week
    involving Rep. Wilson, President Donald Trump, and John

White House arch of staff John Kelly’s explain that Rep. Frederica
Wilson had boasted about procuring appropriation for an FBI field
bureau in 2015 was proven wrong by a video released
by The Sun Sentinel on Friday, subsidy up
Wilson’s explain that she had only taken credit for working
opposite the aisle to name the building after two FBI agents who
were killed in the line of duty.

Kelly called Wilson an “empty barrel” on Thursday and rebuked her
for holding credit for securing appropriation for the future FBI
building. Wilson, however, shot back and denied the claim, which
was advanced by the video of her speech.

The video shows that Wilson described how, after she was
sensitive of the prolonged routine it would take to finalize the
building’s name, she “went into attack mode.”

“Immediately we went into attack mode… They hotlined it to the
Senate building in just two days,” she pronounced in the speech. “And
theory what? The boss sealed the check into law this past
Tuesday, Apr 7th, 2015, with a bang, bang, bang!”

Wilson was inaugurated to Congress in 2010, one year after the
appropriation for the building was secured, according
to CNN.

The White House stood by Kelly’s characterization of Wilson’s

“Gen. Kelly pronounced he was ‘stunned’ that Rep. Wilson done comments
at a building loyalty honoring slain FBI agents about her own
actions in Congress, including lobbying former President Obama on
legislation,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pronounced in a
matter sent to Business Insider. “As Gen. Kelly forked out,
if you’re means to make a dedicated act like honoring American heroes
about yourself, you’re an dull barrel.”

The back-and-forth between Wilson and Kelly follows
another argument between the Florida congresswoman and President
Donald Trump himself, in which Wilson criticized Trump for making
an unresponsive call to the widow of a depressed US soldier.

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