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Here’s how a relate would work if Roy Moore refuses to concur the Alabama Senate election

roy moore
Republican Senate claimant Roy Moore at his election-night party
in Montgomery, Alabama, on Tuesday.


  • The Republican Roy Moore has refused to concur the US
    Senate race in Alabama despite results showing a transparent margin
    of feat for his Democratic challenger, Doug Jones.
  • Moore is holding out wish for a recount, which would
    likely only take place if the approved votes show a reduction than
    0.5% margin.
  • Here’s how the acceptance and relate routine could
    play out.

The Republican Senate claimant Roy Moore refused to concede
Alabama’s special election to his Democratic opponent, Doug
Jones, on Tuesday night despite rough results showing Jones
heading by some-more than 21,000 votes.

The 1.5-percentage-point domain is narrow, but Alabama’s
secretary of state, John Merrill, says it is many likely wide
adequate to safeguard Jones’ feat even with some votes remaining to
be counted.

“I know a lot of people would contend it’s never over until it’s
over, but the domain of feat for Doug Jones at this particular
time looks like a very formidable volume of votes to overcome as
the remaining votes that are out there to be counted next week
start to be deliberate at the internal level,” Merrill told CNN on Wednesday.

But Moore is not giving up hope.

“Realize when the opinion is this close, it’s not over,” Moore told supporters in a
debate late Tuesday night. “And we still got to go by the rules
about this relate sustenance … It’s not over, and it’s going to
take some time.”

On Wednesday night, Moore expelled a YouTube video in
which he again refused to concede, observant he would wait until all
the votes were counted.

What happens next

Over the coming days, any of Alabama’s 67 counties will process
the remaining write-in votes and provisional and military ballots
from overseas.

Counties must report those votes to the secretary of state’s
bureau by Dec 22. Then, at some indicate between Dec 26
and Jan 3, all votes will go by a acceptance process.

If the domain of feat then turns out to be under 0.5%, an
involuntary relate sustenance will kick in. In that case, the state
supervision has to compensate for the recount.

Beyond that, Moore competence not have a recourse.

“However, several offices are not enclosed in Alabama’s law for
contesting elections: major governor, U.S. senator, and U.S.
representative,” Alabama’s election text reads.
“The repudiation of U.S. senators and member is probably
due to the fact that any residence of Congress is the final judge of
its own members’ qualifications.”

John Bennett, Merrill’s emissary arch of staff, told Business
Insider on Wednesday that the text is not the law, but rather
an interpretation of the law, and that it is too shortly to discuss
the probability of a recount.

But he also pronounced that Sections 17-16-20 and 17-16-21 of Alabama’s election
law “probably” concede domestic parties or the candidates
themselves to ask a relate in elections for both state-level
and sovereign positions.

“We’re just not at that point,” he said. “We should get to
verifying the opinion first.”

Doug jones election night
Moore’s Democratic
challenger, Doug Jones, at his election-watch party in
Birmingham, Alabama, on Tuesday night.

Sullivan/Getty Images

Some, including a few Republicans, have already criticized
Moore’s behind concession.

“Roy Moore won’t concede; says will wait on God to speak,” the
former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas tweeted Wednesday morning.
“God wasn’t purebred to opinion in AL but the ppl who voted did
pronounce and it wasn’t close adequate for recount. In elections
everybody does NOT get a trophy. we know first palm but it’s best
to exit with class.”

Tuesday’s special election, held to reinstate Attorney General Jeff
Sessions, followed one of the many scandal-plagued political
contests in new memory. Moore spent much of the campaign’s
final weeks fighting off several accusations of sexual
bungle with teenagers from when he was in his 30s.

Assuming the election-night results hold true, Jones, a former
prosecutor, will be the first Democrat to hold an Alabama Senate
chair given 1992.

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