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Flights cancelled, people evacuated after large Bali volcano erupts

Bali  volcano eruption
Agung volcano erupts as seen from Besakih Temple in Karangasem,
Bali, Indonesia on Nov 26, 2017.

REUTERS/Johannes P. Christo

An charcoal cloud forced Bali’s Denpasar Airport to close on Monday.

International flights were cancelled following an eruption
by Mount Agung on Saturday dusk and a further
3 eruptions on Sunday. 

Indonesia’s National Disaster Mitigation Agency said
Denpasar Airport is sealed for 24 hours and authorities would
consider reopening it Tuesday after evaluating the

Ash has been reliable on the belligerent at Denpasar Airport,
according to Australia’s
Bureau of Meteorology.

The weekend’s volcanic eruptions sent charcoal 13,000 feet
(4,000 metres) into the atmosphere, and combined p
lumes as
high as 3.7 miles (6,000 metres),
Reuters reported.

bali volcano
perspective of Mount Agung during an tear seen from Kubu
sub-district in Karangasem Regency, on Indonesia’s review island
of Bali on Nov 26, 2017. Mount Agung belched smoke as high
as 1,500 metres above its summit, sparking an exodus from
settlements nearby the mountain.


Indonesian authorities have lifted the warning for Bali’s volcano
to top level, grouping people within 10 kilometers to

Thousands have been left stranded but flights and people have
begun nearing at internal depletion centers.

A orator for Indonesia’s National Board for Disaster
Management said the volcano warning standing was lifted from
“standby” to “beware” at 6am internal time on Monday after the
volcano begun having magmatic eruptions rather than steam-based
according to Associated Press.

Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Emirates have all
confirmed Monday flights in and out of Bali have been
cancelled as a result.

Jetstar had cancelled 9 flights on Saturday following an
progressing eruption, but resumed many of its flights on Sunday after
its comparison pilots assessed flights were safe. 

Mount Agung’s warning standing was lifted to the top possible
turn in Sep following increasing tremors from the volcano.

Approximately 25,000 people have not returned
home given September, when Mt Agung showed signs of activity for
the first time in some-more than half a century.

Mt Agung’s last major tear killed about 1,100 people in 1963.
A major tear in not approaching at this time.

Indonesia sits on the “Pacific Ring of Fire” along the Pacific
Ocean, where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.
Indonesia has some-more than 120 active volcanoes.

If you consider your moody may be affected, check Virgin
Australia’s advisory
here and Jetstar’s advisory here.

More news to come.


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