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Mesmerizing maps show where the many prepared Americans live

dot map nycNew York, by preparation levels.Kyle Walker

You may not know your neighbors by name, but you can at slightest know them by preparation level.

Kyle Walker, an partner highbrow of embankment at Texas Christian University, has combined an interactive dot map visualizing US neighborhoods by educational attainment.

Each dot represents between 25-500 people over the age of 25, and any is color-coded formed on how distant those people have left in school. Blue dots are connoisseur degrees, immature are bachelor’s, yellow are some college, orange are high school, and red is all brief of high school.

The map helps to solidify what are, for many people, likely epitome concepts. They endorse people with reduction preparation tend to live in the outdoor boroughs around Manhattan, for example, and that a singular highway can apart abounding and poor.

Here’s how the maps shake out in several cities opposite the US.

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