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It was the hardest year on record to get into chosen colleges — admissions experts explain why

In further to the perfect series of margin which make the
margin seem some-more competitive, the educational certification of
students are also apropos some-more impressive, in partial due to the
boost in general students who have begun to flood US
colleges and universities.

“I met a Korean beginner who scored a 2400/2400 on the SAT,
after holding it once,” Dunnham said. “She also was conducting
considerable investigate and desired debate.”

yale harvard football
Elite colleges are
apropos even some-more competitive.

Getty / Jim Rogash

However, there may be reason to perspective this obscure acceptance
rate with some skepticism, Cat McManus, a counselor
InGenius Prep and a former partner vanguard and regional
executive at The University of Pennsylvania, told Business
Insider around email.

Selective colleges may have ballpark
figures they wish to grasp (and not surpass) when it
comes to the percentage of an incoming category that can be
comprised of general students, McManus explained. The
boost in general applicants, therefore, while it may
drive down the altogether acceptance rate, likely has reduction impact
on US margin than is infrequently believed.

“The arise in the series of general margin to the most
resourceful institutions in the US has arrogant the series of
altogether applicants, as good as, in some cases, the GPA and
contrast profiles, which creates schools seem some-more selective
from a quite statistical standpoint,” McManus, who was also an
admissions officer at Princeton, said.

And while in many cases it looks like GPA and standardised test
measure averages are increasing, some of this should be
attributed to the test prep era, which is entire in the
college admissions process.

“Whether margin are actually ‘stronger’ is tough to say,”
McManus said. “There is also a lot of letter ‘help’ that goes
on, both domestically and internationally.”

Still, while the boost in students utilizing test prep to
boost scores doesn’t indispensably meant these margin are
inherently stronger students than they were a decade ago, it
does meant that normal test scores are inching up, potentially
harming students who don’t have the means to compensate for extra

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