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Russian sequence torpedo ‘werewolf’ accused of killing 82 women

A Russian sequence torpedo dubbed the “werewolf” may have killed as many as 82 women in a ancestral power of terror, authorities say.

Mikhail Popkov was first arrested in 2012 and condemned to life in jail for the murder of 22 women. He after confessed to 20 some-more slayings, and the newest charges against him embody 60 depends of murder.

Popkov, from the eastern Siberian city of Angarsk, competence be Russia’s biggest sequence torpedo in the last 100 years. Cops have for years been questioning murders in the Irkutsk segment where dozens of women were raped and killed.

Prosecutors began reading out the charges on Wednesday and shelved the conference until Monday.

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He raped almost all his victims, who were between 17 and 38, the Independent reported last year. He has been called “the werewolf” and the “Angarsk maniac” by internal media, according to BBC.

“I had a family. My wife and daughter deliberate me a good husband and father, which corresponded to reality,” he told investigators, according to the Independent.

However, he also confessed to having a “double life,” according to the daily Russian journal Komsomolskaya Pravda. He worked as a police officer.

“In one life we was an typical person … In my other life we committed murders, which we delicately secluded from everyone, realizing that this was a rapist offense,” he said, according to the newspaper.

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He pronounced one of his many victims was a teacher at his daughter’s music school.

“Her remains was found in the timberland along with the physique of another woman,” he said, according to the Independent. “My daughter asked me to give her money, since the school was collecting to classify funerals. we gave [IT TO]her.”

Psychiatric tests run on Popkov have shown that he is sane.

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