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Raid on Queens man’s residence turns up lots of drugs, guns

A tip led the NYPD to detain a one-man drug and gun ring in Queens, police pronounced Thursday.

Vladimir Ulysse, 39, was destitute at his home on 143rd Road nearby Farmers Blvd. in Rochdale on 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, cops said.

Queens South Narcotics found ecstasy, crack, eight guns and $30,000 worth of pot inside the house, authorities said.

In all, detectives detected 14 pounds of marijuana, 33 grams of ecstasy, 11 grams of crack, $6,102 in cash and the guns, which enclosed a .357-caliber revolver and 7 semi-automatic pistols, two of them defaced, police said.

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Ulysse is charged with gun and drug possession.

He has eight before arrests, including two for DWI, police said.

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