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Mom allegedly tried to flush baby baby down McDonald’s toilet

A California mom was arrested for allegedly trying to flush her baby child down the toilet inside a lavatory at the McDonald’s where she worked.

Investigators pronounced Sarah Lockner, 25, was operative an dusk change last Thursday at a Redwood City McDonald’s when she started angry of stomach heedfulness and kept going back and onward to the bathroom, according to the Daily Journal.

Around 10 p.m. Lockner’s boss told her to go home but she never left the restaurant.

Police pronounced Lockner clocked out and then went into the restaurant’s bathroom. When a co-worker checked on her there was a pool of blood on the building of the case Lockner was in.

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The lady allegedly told her co-worker that she was having a complicated menstrual cycle, the Daily Post reports.

A second McDonald’s employee checked on Lockner shortly after and peeked over the case to find Lockner holding a baby in the toilet.


Police pronounced Sarah Lockner gave birth inside a McDonald’s lavatory and then tried to flush the child down the toilet.

(Redwood City PD)

When the worker stepped down to go warning someone she listened the toilet flush and Lockner asked her not to call police.

The worker immediately told the boss, who called the cops.

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When police arrived the baby did not have a beat and was not breathing. The child was taken to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and placed in a medically prompted coma.

Doctors primarily didn’t consider the baby would survive, but the child was taken off life support and has been improving.

Child Protective Services is last if there are any family members who could take the baby after the child is expelled from the hospital.

According to investigators, Lockner pronounced she didn’t know she was profound and was astounded when she went in the lavatory and gave birth. Her boyfriend also pronounced he did not know she was expecting.

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Lockner is being held on an $11 million bail on charges of attempted murder.

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