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Man arrested for vital with girlfriend’s passed physique for a month

A Michigan man was arrested after police schooled he’d been vital with his girlfriend’s passed physique for a month, according to WXYZ.

David Hall has been charged with concealing the death of an individual.

Police first detected that Hall’s girlfriend, Kandace Simmons, was passed on New Year’s Eve when they were called to her home for a gratification check.

Knocks went unanswered, so the landlord postulated them permission to enter.

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Officers found the 56-year-old’s physique in one of the bedrooms in the home.

Neighbors reportedly became questionable after seeing that a window in the home had been open given early December.


David Hall has been arrested for vital with his passed girlfriend’s physique for a month.


The windows were open and candles were illuminated in sequence to facade the smell, Monroe News reports. 

Hall, 49, was arrested following a traffic stop, police told WXYZ. He already had warrants out for his arrest, one of which stemmed from a aroused domestic occurrence reportedly involving Simmons.

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Police trust Simmons died of healthy causes, but are watchful for acknowledgment from the medical examiner.

Her family told authorities she had a story of medical issues.

Per the outlet, Hall is out on a $50,000 bond. He’s set to return to justice on Jan. 18. 

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