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The 2 biggest pursuit talk mistakes immature people make

Wayup CEO and former Google employee Liz Wessel shares the two mistakes people make in pursuit interviews and how to equivocate them. Following is a twin of the video.

Most people don’t comprehend that they should follow up as shortly as possible.

One very big mistake that I’ve seen a lot of immature people make, actually we was with a Google HR person recently and she was revelation me that this is one of the some-more common ones that college students make. Most people don’t comprehend that they should follow up as shortly as possible.

So we have this acronym we like to tell people generally college students REAF. It’s research, have enthusiasm, ask questions, and follow up. Very ordinarily an interviewer is going to write a scorecard. They’re going to write their feedback about the speak flattering shortly after the speak is done, and so you should follow up as shortly after, like that day if possible, as shortly as you can. And we would contend don’t wait compartment the next day since you’re shaken about ostensible too desperate. You should be following up and observant “Dear blank, appreciate you so much for holding the time to speak to me. Here are a few things we learned,” or, “It was really engaging articulate to you about X. Here’s a book we advise formed on that.” Whatever it competence be, but we can’t contend enough, follow up as shortly after the speak as you can.

Not asking questions, that’s another really big one. So ordinarily college students will do possibly a lot of investigate and maybe they do no investigate or maybe they’re just shaken and they don’t consider that they need to ask questions. But some companies will even reject you if you just don’t ask questions. Which we know sounds violent and brutal but it’s actually true.

I have many friends whose companies just will flat-out reject you. So since you should ask questions. First of all, it just shows that you actually are meddlesome and that you wish to learn but it’s also going to be good for you since you’re going to learn some-more about whatever you wish to learn about. So I’m observant ask questions at the end, but not questions that are identical to “So when do we start?” or “What’s the salary?” I’m articulate about questions like “What creates a rockstar a rockstar at your company?”

I like when people ask me things like “How do you spend your day to day?” There’s tons of doubt that you can really remove a lot of good information about, so we can’t inspire it enough, ask questions since not adequate college students do.

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