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4 womanlike senators share their own stories of being sexually tormented after the Harvey Weinstein scandal

elizabeth warren meet the press
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

around NBC News

  • Four Democratic senators are speaking out about their
    own practice being sexually harassed.
  • They non-stop up as partial of the #MeToo campaign that
    picked up steam in the arise of the Harvey Weinstein
  • They emphasized that for things to change, there needs
    to be a informative change from teaching women to equivocate sexual
    assault, to teaching men not to act inappropriately towards

Four womanlike senators spoke out about their own past experiences
involving passionate nuisance after over 3 dozen
women accused Hollywood noble Harvey Weinstein of
varying degrees of
passionate misconduct.

NBC’s “Meet The Press” reached out to all 21 womanlike members of
the US Senate and asked if they wanted to share stories of sexual
nuisance as partial of the #MeToo campaign
that picked up steam following the Weinstein scandal.

Four women — Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Claire McCaskill,
Mazie Hirono, and Heidi Heitkamp — came brazen and recounted
their experiences.

Warren, a Massachusetts senator famous for her progressive
ideology, removed being tormented by a comparison expertise member when
she had just started out as a law professor. The colleague,
Warren said, mostly finished inapt jokes and commented on her
appearance, and one day invited her to his office.

Once she got to his office, Warren said, “he slammed the doorway and
lunged for me. It’s like a bad cartoon. He’s chasing me around
the table trying to get his hands on me.”

“And we kept saying, ‘You don’t wish to do this. You don’t wish to
do this. we have little children at home, greatfully don’t do this,'”
she recalled. Eventually, she was means to strech the doorway and get
out before things progressed, and she went back to her office.

“I just sat and shook and thought, what had we finished to bring this
on?” Warren told NBC. “And we told my best crony about it. Never
pronounced a word to anyone else, but for a prolonged time, we wore a lot of

Mazie Hirono
Sen. Mazie Hirono of

Alex Wong/Getty

Hirono, who represents Hawaii, removed having been propositioned
by teachers, by colleagues, and several others. She celebrated that
passionate nuisance and other “unwanted attention” occurs when
there is “uneven power, and it’s customarily the lady who has less

McCaskill, a senator from Missouri, was tormented while operative as
a state authority in her 20s. She pronounced she approached the “very
absolute orator of the Missouri House of Representatives” when
she was shaken about getting her first check out of committee.
She removed asking him either he had any recommendation for her on how
she could pierce the legislation forward.

“And he looked at me and he paused and he said, ‘Well, did you
bring your knee pads?'” McCaskill told NBC. “I do consider he was
joking, but it was intolerable that he would make that fun to a
colleague, even a very immature colleague.”

Heitkamp, of North Dakota, recounted speaking at an event
focusing on curbing domestic conflict when she was the state’s
profession general. At the event, Heitkamp said, a law enforcement
officer approached her, “and he flattering much put his finger in my
face, and he said, ‘Listen here, men will always kick their
wives, and you can’t stop them.'”

She told NBC that she was “stunned” and replied to the official,
“You know, you competence be right. we wish you’re not right, but we
shouldn’t live in a universe where we don’t try.”

U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp (ND) speaks with reporters after the weekly party congress luncheons at the U.S. Capitol in Washington Jun 23, 2015.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

Thomson Reuters


The 4 senators spoke out about their practice after
romantic Tarana Burke regenerated the #MeToo campaign, which she
creatively launched
some-more than a decade ago, following the bombshell allegations
against Weinstein. Scores of men and women tweeted out the
hashtag to prove that they, too, had been tormented in the

The campaign drew support from several prominent
figures, many of whom have formerly non-stop up about their
practice with passionate nuisance and assault, like Lady Gaga
and actresses Evan Rachel Wood and Gabrielle Union. People like
Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing, Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney,
America Ferrera, and Bjork spoke out as well.

Weinstein was fired from the Weinstein Company, which he
co-founded, after the allegations against him became public. The
British Academy of Film and Television Arts also dangling Weinstein’s
membership, releasing a matter that called his alleged
function “completely unsuitable and exclusive with BAFTA’s

Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
voted to reject him
from its ranks.

Heitkamp pronounced it was unhappy that it took something as “horrific” as
the Weinstein liaison to “make people feel clever adequate to
actually pronounce up.”

“The voices of all these women are so much stronger and louder
together,” she added.

McCaskill pronounced she wasn’t astounded by the allegations, given her
own past experiences, and that she accepted because victims of
passionate conflict and nuisance keep their practice to

Claire McCaskill
Sen. Claire McCaskill of

J. Scott

Moving forward, Heitkamp said, it’s needed that families work
to exercise informative change so that the concentration is on teaching men
not to act inappropriately, instead of teaching women how to
ensure against passionate assault.

“We have to grasp something within the families and within our
children,” Heitkamp said. “It’s not acceptable, if you’re raising
daughters, to say, ‘Look, you may not consider it’s ever going to
occur to you. In all likelihood, it will.'”

Instead, she added, “we should be lifting sons to say, ‘I will
never do this. we will act differently.'”

Hirono told NBC that men should know that revealing comments and
licentious function is “not cute, it’s not fun.”

McCaskill emphasized that women who are victims of campus sexual
conflict should not consternation either they had finished something to
incite the attack.

Things like how much a lady has had to drink, who she was with,
and either she should have left to a party “does not excuse
rapist conduct,” McCaskill said. “You don’t have to have
ideal visualisation to be a victim of a crime.”

Watch all of their interviews below:

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