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What the Trump presidency could meant for sneaker prices

vietnam sneakers
Workers in a Vietnam bureau making Nike boots in


If President-elect Donald Trump has done anything transparent about
what he plans to do once he takes office, it’s that he wants to
make some changes to trade.

More specifically, he’s in antithesis to the
Trans-Pacific Partnership
, a trade agreement among 12 Pacific
Rim countries designed to promote the transformation of products among

The TPP has been a hotly contested trade issue for years,
championed by President Barack Obama as an agreement to increase
resources in the US by opening up Asian markets to American goods.
Critics contend it would discredit American workers by tempting
companies to outsource their factories to Asia.

A opinion on the understanding has still not be held in Congress, and its
future is now mostly in doubt given Trump’s ancestral election
Internal papers from Trump’s transition organisation obtained by
reportedly contend pulling out of the understanding will be at
the top of Trump’s bulletin in his first 100 days.

A vast commission of boots is done in countries enclosed in
the TPP pact. Why does that matter for sneakers? Tariffs are high
for footwear, trimming from 5% to 40% depending on the materials
according to the Office of Textiles and Apparel

About 97 to 99% of sports boots sole in the US is made
elsewhere, accounting for scarcely $3 billion in tariffs paid,

according to the pro-trade classification Footwear Distributors and
Retailers of America
. Nearly half a billion dollars of that
comes from TPP countries, customarily Vietnam and Malaysia.

China — which, with 66% of inventory, is the largest exporter of
boots to the US — was not concerned in TPP negotiations. The
second-largest exporter, Vietnam, was.

TPP would revoke or eliminate tariffs for boots alien from
Vietnam and some other countries into the US, shortening the
built-in cost to outsource sneaker production overseas.

This would potentially revoke the cost of sneakers in the US,

according to NPD organisation researcher Matt Powell
, and an increase
in sports shoe sales overall.

The players

Nike, the largest sportswear builder in the world, done no secret
of the fact that it was in support of TPP. It has 26 footwear
factories in Vietnam, the infancy of which create boots for the
American market. The swoosh
betrothed to bring up to 10,000 jobs
to the US should the pact
be authorized and put into action. Nike pronounced a rebate in tariffs
could be used toward some-more modernized manufacturing.

The German sportswear hulk Adidas also upheld the understanding for
identical reasons.

obama nike
Barack Obama speaking at Nike domicile in Beaverton, Oregon,
in 2015.


New Balance, which manufactures up to 25% of its boots in the US,
particularly against the trade agreement. The company recently
reiterated its position on the agreement, which
some mistook for support of Trump policies
. Many began
blazing or throwing divided their New Balance boots in protest.

The game

In all likelihood, from what Trump has pronounced formerly and the
papers obtained recently, TPP won’t be on the list in a
suggestive way anytime soon.

That means prices will many likely stay the same for footwear,
and any wish for some service from the
problems pressuring giants
like Nike will not moderate soon. The
probability of larger sales while progressing identical margins is
out the window for sportswear companies that import the vast
infancy of their footwear. If Trump does renegotiate trade deals
with China and other countries like he pronounced he would like to do,
however, that could spell aloft tariffs and subsequently higher
prices for many sneakers sole in the US.

But with TPP off the table, initiatives like
Adidas’ “speedfactory” in Atlanta
seem some-more critical than
ever, as some-more modernized production methods meant high-tech
factories in the US make some-more careful sense.

There’s a intensity for some-more “made in the USA” created under your
shoe’s tongue in the coming decades.

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