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These are the countries you should book an Airbnb instead of a hotel

These are the countries you should book an Airbnb instead of a hotel
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Airbnb changed the transport diversion by giving us entrance to imagination apartments and cosy flats. Now there’s Noirbnb for people of colour and Muzbnb for Muslims to enjoy holidaying which caters for their needs and interests.

Hotels, meanwhile, have perks like room service, free breakfasts, sauna services, and other amenities.

You competence be ripped between the two but new investigate from money-saving website vouchercloud has suggested which European destinations are a better fit for your choice of accommodation. 

Malta, Portugal and Switzerland are among the holiday hotspots you competence opt for an Airbnb, as a three star hotel will cost some-more than double the cost of the normal airbnb in Malta.

The information – collected from Airbnb and Google’s Hotel Partners showed that the average hotel and Airbnb prices are almost matching in Romania, Sweden and interestingly, the UK, definition you may as good book in a hotel stay.

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For those who prefer the cosiness and modest feel of an Airbnb, the cheapest ones can be found in Albania (£27 a night), Macedonia (£28 a night) and Turkey (£30 a night). 

On the flipside, Ukraine (£30 a night), Latvia (£30 a night) and Macedonia (£33 a night) offer the cheapest hotel prices outright. 

The investigate also looked at the normal cost of 5 star hotels in any country, with certain countries charity surprisingly inexpensive oppulance stays.

In fact, Iceland (£108 vs. £220) and Belgium (£55 vs. £124) were among the countries that, despite being some-more than double the cost of the normal airbnb, offering partially reasonable 5 star hotel stays compared to the rest of Europe.

Germany, Austria, Greece, Italy and Belgium were top of the list for cheaper airbnb accommodation-all of which were on normal 40% cheaper than hotels. 

Don’t all rush to book your flights at once.

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