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Mt. Everest is not the hardest towering to stand — here’s what creates K2 so much worse

Vanessa O’Brien is an consultant mountaineer. She is the fastest lady to stand the tip rise on every continent and the first American and British lady to stand K2, the second-highest towering in the world.

Here, we speak with her about since Mt. Everest isn’t the hardest towering in the universe to climb, and since so fewer who try K2 ever make it to the top. You can learn some-more about O’Brien’s adventures by following her on Facebook and Twitter. Following is a twin of the video.

So when comparing Everest contra K2, they are very, very different.

First, you have two opposite countries. You have Nepal contra Pakistan so I’d contend technically it’s some-more severe to get to Pakistan to get the visas, the logistics.

You’ve got opposite marks in, so the lane into Pakistan to get to K2 bottom stay involves roving over a glacier. A glacier is harder to climb, you’ve got churned rock, which creates rambling an ankle very, very easy.

When you’re going up to Everest Base Camp, you’re just on a mud route so it’s very, very easy. 

Also, when you’re roving on K2, you’re make-up your whole speed and you’re building tents along the way, when you’re roving to Everest Base Camp, you’re staying at teahouses so you don’t have to transport in tents.

When you’re on the tangible climb, K2 is made like a triangle so it’s demanding 110% day one, since Everest, there’s twists and turns, so it’s not always climbing steep.

Weather is much some-more indeterminate on K2 and we would contend the technical climbing on K2 is tough so Everest has the Hillary step, which everyone’s listened about, that’s one obstacle. But for the many partial it’s flattering — the paths are good laid-out since a lot of people stand Everest every year where K2, there is very few expeditions that stand since there’s such an unpredictability of summits.

And it’s some-more technical so, it’s some-more of a churned rock, ice, and alpine stand so you have places like House’s Chimney and Black Pyramid, which are tough stone climbs in the center of an alpine climb. So very, very different.

If we demeanour statistically, there’s a 40% possibility of no summits in any one year so this is a really tough mountain. There’s reduction than 400 summits altogether compared to Everest’s 7500 summits so just remarkably how much harder K2 is every deteriorate that presents itself.

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