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Fat Girls Traveling is severe the tarnish around physique distance and travelling

Fat Girls Traveling is severe the tarnish around physique distance and travelling
(Picture: fatsgirlstraveling/Instagram)

This is Annette Richmond.

She’s a 32-year-old stylist who’s set up the Instagram comment and hashtag, Fat Girls Traveling, as a plea to the stereotypical ideas of what a traveller looks like.

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‘A self-proclaimed Fat Girl, I’m a fixed believer of the Body Positive Movement,’ she writes on her blog.

‘Traveling is my newest obsession. I’ve visited 14 countries in the last two years.

‘I’ve always wanted to see the universe and until recently, we didn’t consider that was possible. In Oct of 2017, we will be embarking on the journey of a lifetime! I’ll be roving by Asia for a year study culture, fashion, and beauty.

‘I am a voice for Fat Travelers.’

Have you checked out my #roundup of the Top Ten #FatGirlsTraveling? FGT Member @callmeadventurous done the list. Check out who else do by clicking the #linkinbio.

A post shared by Fat Girls Traveling (@fatgirlstraveling) on Jul 26, 2017 at 10:00am PDT

She started posting her own extraordinary shots to Instagram and before long, other women started using the tab too. Today, over 900 women have submitted pictures of their adventures.

As good as the IG community, Annette has also combined a private Facebook organisation which has almost 1,000 members, and she uses her blog to residence certain subjects that get flagged between the travelling aficionados.

📸 FGT Member @whitneythewonderful || 📍Bavaria, Garmisch-Patenkirchen

A post shared by Fat Girls Traveling (@fatgirlstraveling) on Jul 1, 2017 at 8:01am PDT

Her latest post is in regards to travelling ‘while fat’.

‘Unless you can means to fly private, travelling on open movement is frequency gentle for anyone. No matter their size.

‘Lately my fat positive travel group, Fat Girls Traveling has been occupying a lot of my time. One consistent in the organisation is members posting about being concerned and shaken about flying. Sometimes it’s their first moody ever. Other times it’s their first prolonged transport flight.

📸 FGT Member @georgilovesworld || 📍 Taj Mahal, India Are you a member of the Facebook Group yet?

A post shared by Fat Girls Traveling (@fatgirlstraveling) on Jul 20, 2017 at 9:32am PDT

‘The bottom line is no one wants to make others feel uncomfortable. Living in a bigger physique means you competence have to take up some-more space. People feel mortified when they consider they competence need to take some-more than their share.  Should they buy an additional seat? Will they need a chair belt extender? Should they get a window or aisle seat? What if they have to use the bathroom?’

Her impulse for environment up her village has been her own transport experiences.

📸 FGT Member @nikkiworldboss || 📍 Miami, Florida

A post shared by Fat Girls Traveling (@fatgirlstraveling) on Aug 15, 2017 at 9:35am PDT

Last year, Annette trafficked around China and Thailand and says that there is a lot of distance taste in Asia.

‘They don’t really see fat people. There was a lot of indicating and shouting – and we had rainbow hair last year, which automatically gets attention,’ she tells Mic.

📸 @mamafierceblog | 📍Gama Laugin, Secret Lagoon, Iceland

A post shared by Fat Girls Traveling (@fatgirlstraveling) on Apr 13, 2017 at 11:20am PDT

And of course, transport inspo tends to be dominated by slim, white waifs – something that Annette and her rope of fat girls roving are challenging.

‘I frequency see girls that demeanour like me – fat girls – featured on (major transport profiles), she says.

‘But when we transport we see fat girls traveling. I’m out here roving and I’m seeing the universe – we know we’re out here. But we feel like these bigger profiles or companies don’t underline curvy or fat girls.’

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