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The inside story behind the Marvel film you were never ostensible to see

In 1993, a German writer teamed up with mythological “King of the B-Movies” Roger Corman to furnish a low-budget, feature-length instrumentation of the renouned Marvel comic book “The Fantastic Four.” The film was never strictly released. 

Producer Bernd Eichinger owned the film rights to the comic, but a proviso in his agreement settled that he would remove the rights if he didn’t go into prolongation on a “Fantastic Four” film by Dec 31, 1992. Up to that point, Eichinger had unsuccessful to convince a Hollywood studio to dedicate to a big-budget chronicle of the story. 

The producer crafted a crafty way to hold onto the rights so that he could after make a big-budget chronicle of “The Fantastic Four.” He called on Roger Corman, a mythological writer famous for his ability to holder out cinema with low budgets and brief schedules. 

It turns out that Eichinger never had any goal of releasing this low-budget chronicle of the comic — a fact that he funded for the movie’s expel and crew. After Corman announced plans to recover the film theatrically, Eichinger paid Corman $1 million to mount down, and all accessible prints were reportedly broken by then-Marvel arch Avi Arad. 

Arad didn’t respond to the ask for a criticism for this story. 

Thanks to bootlegged copies that flush online, the unreleased “Fantastic Four” film has turn a cult classic.

Business Insider recently sat down with Corman at his bureau in Los Angeles to speak about his many new project, “Death Race 2050,”  a supplement to the cult hit “Death Race 2000,” which Corman constructed in 1975. 

We also talked to the executive of “The Fantastic Four,” Oley Sassone. Corman and Sassone give an didactic comment of one of the many weird Hollywood tales you’ll ever hear. 

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