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The limit area between North and South Korea may be the tensest place on earth

Korean DMZ ensure towerWikimedia Commons

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Friday it may be required to take preemptive military movement against North Korea if the hazard from its weapons program were to strech a turn “that we trust requires action.”

Tillerson’s comments came after he visited the demilitarized section separating North and South Korea — a heavily fortified strip of land that may be the tensest place on the planet.

Although the Korean War is technically over for the U.S., the North and South are still very much at fight — progressing ensure towers and thousands of troops confronting any other, watchful for the next invasion.

The aegis section combined by the 1953 Armistice between North and South is called the demilitarized section (DMZ), nonetheless there’s a outrageous military presence. This limit is filled with fencing, mines, and troops on both sides with tingling trigger fingers. 

This vestige of the Cold War has seen copiousness of very prohibited engagements: Over 300 American and South Korean, and almost 400 North Korean soldiers were killed in firefights in 1969, and there are countless instances of infiltrators from the North being frightened back only by the sound of warning shots.

We’ve picked out the highlights from National Geographic‘s Inside North Korea and other sources.

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