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We asked 6 guys either they like a finger up the bum

We asked 6 guys presumably they like a finger up the bum
‘Like pooing Twiglets backwards.’ (Picture: Myles Goode)

Everyone has their own passionate desires – but not everybody likes to pronounce about them, feeling ashamed or embarrassed, worried that they may be judged. 

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But in reality, loads of us share the same passionate desires. We don’t realize this given we’re not plainly articulate about them.

One passionate desire, for many men, is for a finger to be extrinsic into the anus. It creates ideal sense, as the ‘male G spot’ is located in a male’s prostate, which is behind the anal wall. When the prostate is stimulated, it can give a man implausible amounts of pleasure.

But still, putting a finger into a man’s bum can seem banned given people still trust that any form of anal play says something about your sexuality – despite it just being another way to try your physique and all of its silken areas

Whether you’re experimenting on your own or with a partner, it’s always good to find out what you enjoy or don’t enjoy to worsen your own passionate practice – but how can we do this when we’re frightened of fondness something that we feel ashamed of?

To open the review around anal play, we spoke to 6 conflicting men to see what they suspicion of their own bum-fingering experiences, presumably they consider it’s something everybody should give a try or if it’s something they trust to be a ‘taboo’.

See next for their impossibly honest (and impossibly NSFW) answers.

1. Do you see your anus as being a passionate area? Or one you totally wish leaving alone?

Tom: ‘I privately wish cave left alone but we know it can be a really passionate area for some guys.’

Mark: ‘It depends on the conditions you’re in. I’m very open (so to speak) per sex, and we wouldn’t boot my arsehole being used in a passionate way at all…’

Henry: ‘Kind of sexual, we consider men’s anuses are customarily flattering grimmer than women’s though!’

Rheese: ‘I’m intrigued by the idea, never finished anything about it though. Would like to see what the bitch is about, maybe when I’m inebriated with my partner sometime.’

Josh: ‘I was totally against anything going up my bum until not prolonged after we got together with my stream girlfriend. Long story short, we tried it but we get zero from it.’

James: ‘Done right it can be very enjoyable. It can supplement pleasure and boost stimulation.’

metro illustrations
‘Jam a ride up my ass, will you love?’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

2. Have you ever fantasised about ‘butt stuff’ (having it touched, pleasured etc)?

Mark: ‘Not really… I’ve seen it in porn and carried on masturbating.. does that count?’

Tom: ‘I have really fantasised about it, everyone’s a little bit curious!’

James: ‘I wouldn’t contend it’s a anticipation as it’s something we have already experienced. Would we do it again? Yes. Is it something we crave? No.’

Henry: ‘Yes, definitely! Experimented a bit but not too much.’

3. Do you feel it’s something you’re some-more prone to ask for or is it something you’d wait for your passionate partner to request?

James: ‘Knowing what your partner wants is very important… we would not contend it’s a first time kind of thing to ask someone presumably unless you chatted about it beforehand.

‘I consider many women would run a mile if you incited spin early on and pronounced “jam a ride up my donkey will you love?”. we consider communication is pivotal on this matter.’

Henry: ‘My passionate partners are really open people like myself so things have always gotten a little weirder than just “butt stuff”. I’d feel totally gentle suggesting when we felt like it.’

Rheese: ‘Talked about it with my girlfriend, we consider we would be some-more gentle having it finished after a few drinks.’

Tom: ‘I don’t consider my partner would ever advise it so it would only occur if we asked.’

Mark: ‘I feel it’s something that i would be some-more prone to do if suggested. Maybe if myself and a partner indispensable to piquancy up the sex lives.’

metro illustrations
‘She was giving me conduct and she gave the old rusty trombone.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

4. Have you ever let someone put a finger in your bum? How did it happen?

Josh: ‘The first time me and my partner did it was when she was giving me conduct and she gave the old rusty trombone. we let her do it all the way by to see if it was any conflicting but we can’t contend it did much for me.’

Henry: ‘The person we see was already behaving verbal sex (possibly the best conduct I’ve ever had) and just naturally worked from my missile and balls serve and serve down until she had her tongue in my ass. Then she came up a little and continued with her finger.’

Tom: ‘I have had someone put a finger up there but it was a bit of a startle as it wasn’t planned/discussed.’

Mark: ‘I have. Pretty certain they put their tongue there first and then it went to fingering with NO contention at all.. we didn’t decrease of course.’

James: ‘It’s happened a few times. None of it was planned. The first time was while a lady was preforming verbal sex while we was sat on a couch.

‘She changed her palm under the balls and started to just play around the anus with her finger. It was a tiny startle at the time but we kinda suspicion “Ok this is not so bad”. She then solemnly worked it inside little by little.

‘It was very beguiling and combined to the pleasure of the moment. On the conflicting side of the scale we have had a passionate partner just hang it up with no warning. Yeah that’s not as fun and hurt. It was shortly removed.’

5. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being many painful, how unpleasant was it, and did you enjoy it?

Mark: ‘Around 8… depends how much you’re “up for it”… it’s like rushing a poo we guess; it’s way some-more beguiling if you take your time.’

Henry: ‘2/10. Others have tried given with you know, no moisture, and that was sore! Definitely recommend. Loved it.’

James: ‘I have enjoyed both sides of the scale. It’s been a good 1 and a bad 10. Just like a lady you don’t just jam it in.’

Tom: ‘I’d contend about a 6 utterly given we wasn’t prepared at all!’

Josh: ‘At first it’s flattering worried but not really painful, I’d give it a 2/10. And yeah [I enjoyed it] but substantially only given we was getting conduct at the same time.’

metro illustrations
‘We’ve got a G mark there for a reason.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

6. Is it something you’d see as a ‘one-off’ or something you’d like to spin a unchanging occurrence during foreplay?

Tom: ‘I’d contend a one-off, but if it was really beguiling then since not regular!’

Mark: ‘It’s not something i consider about. But i’d substantially concede it again.’

Josh: ‘Probably not going to do it much some-more but she’s left and bought a dildo just for it. She’s really into pegging.’

James: ‘If you do it all the time it will remove its banned and infrequently it’s good to have one or two special treats now and then. Again we consider it all comes down to your partner.

‘If you burst from passionate partner to passionate partner then it’s tough to build up a passionate attribute with that person and meaningful what they really wish and enjoy.’

Henry: ‘Like every now and then yeah go for it. Couldn’t see it apropos an every time thing for sure. Change it up, have fun.’

Rheese: ‘Something we can suppose apropos a not so unchanging occurrence but happening once in a blue moon.’

7. Would you ever acknowledge to fondness a finger in the bum?

Josh: ‘Yeah we don’t see since not. we mean, if we DID like it then we wouldn’t be ashamed to contend it (given we wasn’t revelation my relatives or something).’

James: ‘Tough question… we consider it all depends on who. A close crony who listens and is not judgmental, yeah, no issues… the lads down the pub, not so much.’

Henry: ‘I consider a lot of people spin a little prude when it comes to articulate about sex but I’m very honest – if someone asked I’d tell them! I’m just not utterly ashamed and my friends know I’ve finished some outrageous things so a finger up my jerk seems flattering diseased in comparison.’

Rheese: ‘I pronounce about it plainly with my ‘lad’ mates, we’ve got a G mark there for a reason so we may utilize it at some indicate is my reasoning.’

Tom: ‘I would acknowledge to fondness it, we couldn’t caring reduction what people thought.’

Mark: ‘As we said, I’m very open. So we can’t contend we don’t like it. Can be utterly worried however.’

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)
‘Sh*t is grim.’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

8. Why do you consider people are ashamed of fondness a finger up the bum? Do you consider some-more people should give it a go?

Henry: ‘God knows, some people don’t even like foreplay, they can do one!

‘I consider it’s just the whole thing about it being an arsehole. Sh*t is grave and we theory some people can’t even bear the probability of maybe getting a little on them.

‘Not that I’m into poo, I’m really not, but apparently if you’re jamming things up there you’ve gotta be gentle with a probable consequence.’

Tom: ‘I consider there’s just a outrageous tarnish of it being “gay” to have a finger up the bum. I’ve never really accepted this, if it feels good it feels good. we really consider some-more people should give it a go, myself included!’

Josh: ‘Maybe men consider it’s given only happy guys like adhering things up their jerk or maybe given it wasn’t accurately covered in sex ed so anyone who does it is aberrant or weird… Everyone should try it at slightest once for sure!’

James: ‘I consider men see anything up the bum as “gay”.. we are peaceful to hang it up a woman’s boundary but if they do it to us it’s a “gay” thing to enjoy.

‘It’s brag and slicing off your nose to annoy your face. we always contend if it feels good do it! Worst case it’s not for you and you know for the future.’

Mark: ‘Because they’re uncertain and not gentle with themselves or they just like to keep their personal quirks to themselves. If you spoke about all of your fantasies and quirky secrets, then it would kind of protest having them in the first place right?’

Rheese: ‘Lads are intrigued by the suspicion of anal kick but we consider it’s circumstantial. we can tell many my friends that we wish my partner to do it to me at some indicate but my somewhat some-more regressive friends? No chance!

‘They would scowl on it and make it out to be “gay”, when in reality that isn’t the case.’

9. What does it feel like to have a finger up the bum?

Mark: ‘Like pooing Twiglets backwards… yup.’

Henry: ‘A little unfamiliar to be honest, kinda good, kinda awkward, not really allied to any other passionate feeling on your body! But it really creates you blow!’

Josh: ‘It feels wrong at first, then it will solemnly start to feel reduction wrong over time. Just make certain your partner hasn’t got very prolonged nails.’

James: ‘It’s tough to explain… it adds a turn of kick and finished right can be very enjoyable. Just no going in dry and unannounced.’

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