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This beetle put some-more bid in than your boyfriend did this Valentine’s Day

This beetle put some-more bid in than your boyfriend did this Valentine's Day
Mr Lover Lover (Credit: Spike the Beetle)

This is Spike.

Spike’s a ram beetle.

He’s strong, intelligent and wants to brush you off all 6 feet on a romantic getaway into some rotting fruit.

If you were Spike’s girlfriend, he’d have woken you up this morning with a fresh crater of coffee and some heart-shaped crumpets, before immersion you with courteous gifts.

But you’re not Spike’s girlfriend. Sally is.

And Sally had Valentine’s plans of her own, since Sally is a strong, eccentric ram beetle.

Sally secretly booked a list at Spike’s favourite grill for this evening, and she’s already astounded him at work by crawling in exposed with a rose in her pincers.

Say what you like about insects, but they put in the graft, you know?

Which is substantially some-more than your diseased ‘other half’ did.

Actual footage of Sally startling Spike


Confirmation that the above is Sally, not Spike

Fun fact – Sally wears the trousers in the relationship, since despite being smaller, Sally’s actually a lot stronger.

This is since womanlike ram beetles have some-more strength than males in their jaws.

Feminism is going clever in the beetle universe and we like it.

And the internet are big fans of Sally’s confidant romantic ways.

The internet is in astonishment of Sally’s chutzpah


Some even see themselves in Sally


While others are confused by their feelings for Sally

Relationship goals, are we right, or are we right?

What a pair.

Spike and Sally are kind of a big understanding on the interweb and you can follow Spike on Twitter here.

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