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Sex around the world: Here’s what goes on at Swingfields, the UK’s many secretive swingers’ festival

Here's what goes on at Swingfields, the UK's many secretive swingers' festival
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If there’s one thing we know about Swingfields, the self-proclaimed strange and biggest UK festival for swingers, it’s that no one talks about Swingfields.

It’s a bit like voluptuous Fight Club.

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The festival is held on private land and the plcae is only sent to sheet holders around a secure link.

It is invite-only, and permitted only to those actively concerned in ‘the lifestyle’ – the term used for people who have open and consensual organisation sex with their partner.

Press and media are banned, and attendees are banned from using their phones over the automobile park.

Such privacy may seem extreme but it’s distinct – necessary, even – given the festival’s history.

Last year, clandestine reporters infiltrated Swingfields trying to capture carnal antics on film.

‘They were anticipating for a outrageous bacchanal of people trying to squeeze any other like exposed caveman,’ says co-founder Mike (he is demure to give his second name).

They came divided with nothing. But then there were sound complaints from presumably discontented villagers and the disastrous broadside forced the volunteer-run government organisation to cancel 2017’s festival.

In 2018, however, Swingfields is back and aims to be bigger, better and presumably swingier than ever, with glamping, a exhilarated ‘chill zone’ and oppulance facilities.

So what is the law behind the UK’s many talked about swingers festival?

It has common beginnings 

Glastonbury started the day after Hendrix died. The Big Feastival is the adore child of Jamie Oliver and Blur alumnus Alex James. Swingfields was dreamt up in the pub.

‘Half a dozen of us were sat around, deliberating a camping trip,’ says Mike.

‘Eventually, the review came turn to a festival. There’s a festival for just about everything, but zero for the adult community. We saw an opening in the marketplace that we could support for.’

It’s just like any other festival

‘It would take you a good few hours to see anything opposite to any other festival,’ says Mike.

Upon arrival, guest go by parsimonious confidence and collect their acquire packs before pitching their tents and getting staid in.

Dotted around the grounds are info tents, bars, stalls, food vendors and stages where bands play in the evening.

So far, so normal. Right?

OK, it’s not accurately like any other festival

Officially, Swingfields is ‘not a sex festival’; it does not yield passionate services and if people occur to have sex at Swingfields – just as they do at all other major festivals – then so be it.

Yet Swingfields is only open to swingers.

On the website, you will find a tips for overhanging beam (‘We tell couples to start by opening up about their sex life, their fantasies, and holding it to another turn from there’) and a overhanging glossary that defines terms like protected word, squirting and double penetration.

Inside, swingers enjoy workshops, live demos, ‘a themed dusk to dress up if you wish and let your imagination run wild’ (last year it was Romans) and can book a 12 foot, interconnecting ‘Party Tent’.

There is a prohibited tub, preserve wrestling, and the dusk party comes with its own disclaimer: ‘Be warned, the categorical party in the evenings when the bands are personification is the many epicurean atmosphere’.

This is a festival that states it has confidence to ‘make certain the outward universe stays outside’.

It’s protected to assume people come to Swingfields privately to have organisation sex.

Here's what goes on at Swingfields, the UK's many secretive swingers' festival
(Picture: Getty)

Single lady? You get a discount

Single ladies in ‘the lifestyle’ are called Unicorns on comment of being so rare.

A 3 day sheet for a sole womanlike costs £115.50 as against to £170 for a man, who is famous as a Bull.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

It’s all fun and games until the willy dribbling starts

‘We have a lot of games,’ says Mike, ‘like the Miss Swingfields soppy t-shirt competition.’

He added: ‘Last year we had soppy Y-fronts since we didn’t wish to leave the boys out.

‘We also had a diversion called willy dribbling. You things a span of tights then tie it turn your waist and leap a football down a course.’

If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in

In further to being invite-only, the guest list is curated to safeguard ‘a good change of couples, singles and sexuality’. Just to request for tickets, you must be purebred on a site called fabswingers.com.

There is a very singular volume of tickets accessible for Bulls, who must have their online profiles vetted.

But once you’re in, everybody is welcome

Swingfields is inclusive: the festival partners with LGBTQ groups and welcomes an guest of all orientations, tastes and fetishes.

‘Our festival is open disposed and understanding. Our lot don’t judge. Whether it’s the LGBTQ+ groups or the swingers groups, it’s irrelevant; everybody is of the same mindset,’ says Mike.

Here's what goes on at Swingfields, the UK's many secretive swingers' festival
(Picture: Getty)

It’s a solemn affair

You may be astounded to learn that Swingfields has one of the lowest ethanol spends per conduct of almost any festival.

Mike explains: ‘If guys have some-more than a couple of pints, they competence learn they have a opening issue. For girls there are issues around reserve and consent.

‘No one wants to get into difficulty and no one wants ethanol to impact on ability.’

As for drugs? ‘At a swingers festival, you don’t need illegal substances to get the high.’

They take health and reserve seriously 

Swingfields is entirely authorized by the police and legislature and passionate health charities have stalls at the event.

According to Mike, the swingers village has some of the lowest frequencies of STDs of any group.

It’s a good place to meet people

‘Over the years, I’ve seen people get together in the overhanging community,’ says Mike.

‘One couple met at the first festival and got married last year; ironically they are not actively overhanging anymore.’

It’s deferential of the vanilla crowd 

‘Vanilla’ is the term given to people who do not attend in ‘the lifestyle’, which at Swingfields includes the bands, bar staff and stall-holders.

Out of respect, attendees are educated to keep their bottom halves covered in the open areas.

‘We don’t judge people for judging us but we would like others to honour the choices,’ says Mike.

Do people come to Swingfields to have sex? Yes.

Is it a sensualist bacchanal or carnal pleasure? Well, no – and a some-more impending doubt is: Why shouldn’t consenting adults meet discreetly to do what humans do best?

I competence even consider shopping a sheet myself, if only we wasn’t a journalist.

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