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Scientists are looking into because we knowledge post-sex blues

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(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

Ever felt strangely weepy after sex for no distinct reason?

You’re not being crazy. The post-sex blues are a genuine thing that loads of people experience. And now, scientists are penetrating to figure out why.

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The Queensland University of Technology is looking into the opposite feelings people knowledge after ‘normal’ sex (meaning sex that isn’t upsetting or weird. Just swamp customary sex, basically).

Professor Robert Schweitzer told stuff: ‘Everyone assumes what happens in the bedroom is normal but there are a far-reaching operation of responses in the duration of time immediately following consensual passionate activity, famous as the fortitude phase.

(Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

‘For example, some people like to cuddle, others like to be alone and there are others, as we have found in prior investigate that knowledge what is described as post-sex blues.’

He’s now using a study to analyse accurately how people feel after having enjoyable, consensual sex, and wants to privately find out some-more about because some people knowledge postcoital dysphoria – the technical term for feeling a bit dispirited post-sex.

Why? So we can figure out because the post-sex blues are happening, and if they describe to other factors.

To kick things off Professor Schweitzer has launched a consult asking people about their mental health and their passionate relationships. If you imagination assisting the universe of scholarship to learn some-more about the after effects of sex, the consult takes around 30 mins and you can do it here.

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