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Pornhub desperately needs you to dress up like a panda and have sex

Pornhub desperately needs you to dress up like a panda and have sex
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No plans this weekend?

How about you squeeze a buddy, dress up like pandas, and film yourselves having sex? Sounds fun and totally normal, right?

Why aren’t we holding lesbian and bisexual women’s passionate health seriously?

Now, to be clear, we’re not suggesting this for the own personal delight (although we do take some pleasure in the thought that people around the universe may all spend their Saturday mornings trying to find panda costumes).

This ask comes from Pornhub.

Yesterday was World Panda Day, and to celebrate, Pornhub released a peaceful ask to all fans of their porn: greatfully could you dress up like a panda and have sex?

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It’s not to perform a niche fetish. The campaign is actually designed to help save pandas from slipping into endangerment.

You see, hulk pandas are not good at getting laid.

Male pandas like spending their days sleeping and eating, while womanlike pandas are only meddlesome in sex for a few days out of any year.

Their indolence and miss of passionate drive meant that it’s tricky for pandas to keep populating the universe but some help.

Pornhub desperately needs you to dress up like a panda and have sex
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And one form of help scientists have found to be effective is panda porn.

Watching other pandas have sex helps pandas to feel some-more incited on and peaceful to procreate, rescuing the panda race in the process.

The porn works if, instead of pandas, the videos show people dressed as pandas having sex, since pandas are not good at specifying between the two.

Which is brilliant. It’s good to know that porn has the energy to save an whole species.

There’s just one problem: there’s frequency any panda porn out there.

Which is where Pornhub comes in.

Pornhub desperately needs you to dress up like a panda and have sex

Yesterday they speedy their fans to make their own panda porn (meaning filming themselves having sex while dressed as pandas, rather than snapping to the zoo and attack record) and upload it to their site, so that they could share their porn with the pandas that need it most.

The website will also be donating $100 towards panda refuge for any panda character video people upload to the site, and 1 cent for every perspective of any panda character videos.

So even if you don’t imagination actually sauce as a panda to get it on, you can still feel like you’re doing some good by examination everybody else’s efforts.

‘Considering timber is a categorical tack of a panda’s diet, it’s generally startling that they only partner a few times per year, if at all,’ pronounced Corey Price, VP of Pornhub.

‘Thus, in jubilee of National Panda Day, we wanted to do the partial and help grow the shrinking panda population.

‘Through this beginning we wish to not only beget peculiarity calm scientists and zookeepers can use to show pandas, but also lift adequate supports for a nonprofit classification to safeguard the provision of the world’s hulk panda population.’

So go ahead. Buy a panda costume. Have a wank. Make your porn robe do some good.

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