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‘I legit suspicion we were going to fight’ – 7 people share their misfortune first date stories

'I legit suspicion we were going to fight' - 7 people share their misfortune first date stories
If your date hasn’t had a fight in front of you, then you’re doing fine (Picture: Dave Anderson for Metro.co.uk)

With the blast of dating websites and apps, it’s now easier to get a first date than ever before.

But not all first dates are combined equal.

metro illustrationsI used to consider that men should compensate on the first date – this is since we changed my mind

Some are good. Some are OK, but miss the fugitive spark.

And some are just officious awful.

But the and side of bad dates is that they make good stories.

While a fibre of boring dates can make you remove the will to live, at slightest with a bad date you can demeanour back and laugh. And perform others with it.

So for your amusement, here’s a collection of first date disasters.

Katie, 23

Matched with a man on Tinder who was only in city for the weekend. We organised to get drinks and just hang out.

When we arrived at the bar, we had a good review for about 5 minutes, until he was like ‘OK, we have to come clean. we asked another girl here too’.

Apparently, she was weird, and he was trying to get absolved of her but couldn’t.

Two seconds later, the girl appeared, and he was right – she was weird.

She done pacifist assertive review with me for about a minute, until she cut me off and was like ‘so you’d better back off b*tch. Are you trying to steal my date or something?’

I stepped in closer and asked if she was melancholy me (legit suspicion we were about to fight).

Luckily she walked away. we told the man to f**k off and left.

Sophie, 26

metro illustrations
No, I’m not meddlesome in a ‘financial arrangement’ (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I had a very paltry date with a barrister. He was sincerely appealing (and, of course, successful), but he was really arrogant.

I called it a night and left early. He then texted me revelation me he didn’t wish to date me, but he was wondering if I’d like to join him for champagne someday and we could set up a monthly financial arrangement.

Yes, like a sugar daddy. He was 30.

Natalie, 32

One man was too frightened to make eye hit and waved at the building when observant hello to me.

He then hid in the lavatory to eat his bar snacks.

Graham, 26

Went on a Tinder date to Ice Bar in London.

After a few drinks, we was feeling hungry, so we suggested going to TGIs down the road. After mains, we got desert.

Shortly after she started eating, we beheld that her face was kind of red. Then it went very red and puffy.

metro illustrations
It started so good (Picture: Ella Byworth for Metro.co.uk)

I told her there was something wrong with her face and asked if she was OK, but by this indicate she couldn’t speak properly.

She indicated that there was an epipen in her bag, so we grabbed it, she tried to inject herself, but the epipen unsuccessful to deploy.

I called 999, and the phone user kept asking me loads of questions about her and we was like ‘I DON’T KNOW we ONLY MET HER TODAY’.

The ambulance arrived and took us to the hospital, and we forsaken her back home 5 hours later.

On the and side though, we got free TGIs.

Melanie, 25

Met a man for drinks at a bar. He got really drunk, and finished the night by punching someone at the cab rank.

He texted me at 6am informing me he’d dislocated his shoulder.

Jo, 30

He kept going to the toilet to call cocaine. He denied it, but all of that sniffing and wiping his nose? Come on.

He then took me to this pub where his hermit was.

His hermit had Short Man Syndrome, and kept trying to start fights with everyone.

So my date spent the night swapping between trying to ease his hermit down, and snorting some-more drugs.

I chatted to his friends for a bit, then left.

He then texted asking for a second date.

Evie, 38

Went on a date with a male stripper.

He looked true down at my bust and told me he prefers boob jobs.

But he was very hot, and we was very, very young, so after on we had sex in his car.

However, we’d left the windows down, finished up getting eaten alive my mosquitos, and he started freaking out since of his career.

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