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Dadvice: here’s all the golden dating recommendation the dads gave us

Dadvice: here's all the golden dating recommendation the dads gave us
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Many dads are famous for being aloof when it comes to articulate about relationships.

They competence be softies at heart, but as shortly as you mention anything to do with dating or guys, they unexpected close up and morph into the father from Clueless.

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But it’s precisely the endangered dads who have the best dating advice.

My own father loves zero better than personification with his cats, listening to Bob Dylan and cooking. He is not, however, penetrating on articulate about matters of the heart – at all. In fact, he once told me that men are generally a pain and that I’d substantially be better off if we was gay.

But he did give me one piece of virtuoso recommendation before going up to university for the first time.

‘Avoid anyone who doesn’t like animals and group sports’.

You can like one or the other but anyone who dislikes both is to be generally to be avoided.

And you know what? He was totally correct. Loads of decent people aren’t penetrating on group sports and people who hatred animals are bizarre – but the few people I’ve met who have actively disliked animals and sports have all been monsters.

This picture sums up the relationship. #cat #cats #catguy

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Honestly, dads know where it’s at. Mums simply demeanour out for your feelings when to comes to attribute advice, while dads offer no-nonsense, unsentimental nuggets to live by.

Sometimes they offer you lines true out of the 80s, other times they’re sort of some-more normal and modern.

We asked other people what dating gems their dads have offering them over the years:


No one wants to finish up with someone who’s invalid at bland tasks. But some skills are some-more critical to dads than others:

‘Don’t marry anyone who can’t fix you a decent Bloody Mary’, Susan Corrigan.

‘If he can’t drive, he’s not worth knowing,’ Isabel Rene.

Dadvice: here's all the golden dating recommendation the dads gave us


Shakespeare competence have pronounced that ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’ but that just isn’t the case in genuine life. Sometimes, names matter – quite when it comes to intensity sons-in-law.

‘Never trust a man called Tim’. we met my other half 3 weeks before my Dad died. Yes – he’s called Tim.’ Kate BB.

‘Never trust a man who has a first name for a surname…so we married one,’ Lianne Kolirin.


Many dads are elementary in their satirical choices – they’re some-more endangered with what you’re wearing than what your date is. So if your father says something’s a conform mistake pas, it’s substantially worth holding note.

‘Don’t date anyone who wears white socks,’ Jai Bretinauer.

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Whether you like it or not, your dad’s had sex. Probably lots of sex. So who else better to advise you on your own passionate poise – quite if you’re dating a bloke?

‘Don’t be the speak of the sauce room’, Alice Langley.

‘I overheard a lady articulate about this in a pub yesterday. She pronounced that her Dad would contend “If you can’t be good or careful, remember the date.” Pregnancy recommendation at its finest…,’ Anna Harris.’

Dadvice: here's all the golden dating recommendation the dads gave us

‘Some men are like wolves; if they locate your scent, they will just keep sniffing around,’ Donna Ferguson.

‘My father to my youngest brother: “If she’s peaceful to nap with you, she’s peaceful to nap with anyone, so she’ll have all kinds of infections”,’ Sarah Megarity.


Dads know. They’ve been there. They’ve been in love, they’ve chased tail, they’ve been heartbroken. Learn from their mistakes.

‘Never trust a man who says “trust me”,’ Becky Slack.

‘Make men partial of your life, never the whole of your life,’ Alexandra Haddow.

‘Find someone who rises your spirits up,’ Sally Biddall.

Dadvice: here's all the golden dating recommendation the dads gave us

‘*In Jamaican patois* Don’t be fooled by the cocky! Make certain you are means to do whatever you wish with or but him!’ Rashida Morris.

‘Perhaps it’s time you give men a break,’ Catherine Latham.

Dating etiquette

This one is passed simple:

‘Never eat spaghetti on a date,’ Rachel Smith.

Oh, dads. Never change.

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