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3 couples exhibit their misfortune Valentine’s Day stories

3 couples exhibit their misfortune Valentine's Day stories
Valentine’s Day doesn’t always go to plan… (Picture: Mmuffin for Metro.co.uk)

Valentines Day is the one day a year in which couples have the forgive to revelry in any other’s adore and applaud their relationship.

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However this annual recognition of adore can bring a lot of vigour when it comes to shopping the right gift, essay the ideal label and arranging the many romantic Valentine’s date probable – and utterly mostly things can go wrong.

I spoke with 3 couples who any ran into difficulty when celebrating their presumably ideal Valentine’s Days and here are their stories.

Adam and Louisa

During my final year at university we lived in a shared residence with a organisation of my friends, one of whom happened to be my girlfriend.

It was the first Valentine’s Day together but but much income and with the minds constantly focused on the uni work we both concluded that we wanted to do something low key.

The strange devise was to go out for a good dish in the city but the housemates concluded to go out for the night and give us space – it couldn’t have been some-more perfect, a romantic night in with just the two of us.

3 couples exhibit their misfortune Valentine's Day stories
How could such a elementary devise go so wrong? (Picture: Ella Byworth)

The week heading up to Valentine’s Day was maybe one of the busiest of my life, we was operative part-time and when we wasn’t operative we was study non-stop.

To put it simply Valentine’s Day was not on the top of my priority list.

My devise of executing a ideal romantic dish for two totally slipped my mind and it wasn’t until around 4pm during my change at work that we realised the big day had arrived.

I couldn’t trust that we was one of those terrible boyfriends who actually forgot Valentine’s Day.

It’s something you hear about but naturally assume you’ll never have to live by – and it was terrifying.

I immediately began hatching a devise to make a discerning lurch to the nearest supermarket to buy all the Valentine’s essentials.

As shortly as we finished work we ran like the breeze to the nearest shop to collect up flowers.

But before we even began scanning what was left on the shelves we sealed eyes with the only other person in the aisle – my girlfriend.

We immediately detonate out shouting when we realised we were guilty of the same crime.

Although this wasn’t even close to what we had planned, in the finish it done the first Valentine’s Day some-more noted than it maybe would’ve been if all had left according to plan.

Thomas and Lucy

Illustration of a couple arguing
Celebrating Valentine’s when you’re not getting on is a calamity (Picture: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.co.uk)

Even yet we’re still together, this Valentine’s Day story is a sincerely ungainly one.

The story starts on the third Valentine’s Day as a couple. We had been dating for a while but there’s always a vigour to make certain Valentine’s Day goes well, generally as the man of the relationship.

But there was one problem – we didn’t like any other.

In the few months heading up Valentines Day we really weren’t getting along, every day we found some sparse reason to disagree and making the big step of finale the attribute had been on my mind for utterly some time.

I came to the finish that it would be best to mangle up with my partner before Valentine’s Day as going forward with it competence lead us both to trust we should substantially stay together, which at the time was clearly not a good thing for possibly of us.

However, when the time came to actually go by with finale the attribute we totally chickened out.

In a way we was anticipating she would make the first pierce and finish it just so we didn’t have to, but the big day arrived and we were indeed very much still together.

That Valentine’s morning was one of the strangest of the whole relationship.

I couldn’t get into hit with my partner and even her friends were claiming to have no suspicion where she was.

My initial difficulty began to spin into worry and that’s when we got the calm – the first line review ‘Thomas, I’m sorry…’ and we didn’t need to review the rest of the summary to know that we had been dumped on Valentine’s Day.

Although we suspicion we wanted this to happen, zero can ready you for the savagery of being dumped on this sold day.

We did however get back together a couple of years down the line so the story does have it’s fairytale ending.

Callum and Samantha

We’ve had the satisfactory share of dodgy Valentine’s Days, but this sold year resulted in a nearby fatality.

The story starts during a romantic dish we had baked for Samantha. Cooking for your partner substantially isn’t that big of a understanding for many guys but for someone as culinarily challenged as me, this was huge.

I put so much bid into making certain we did all just right, we bought the best mixture and followed the recipe accurately – however we could tell my partner was not enjoying it.

It got to the indicate where she looked physically repulsed so we took the thrust and asked her what was wrong with the meal.

Before we could even finish my judgment her face swelled up to an evil distance – and that’s when it hit me, we had used peanuts in the sauce.

It’s protected to contend that for a girl who was hugely allergic to anything peanut related, the dish was over.

I didn’t win any prizes for courtesy to fact that year, but we consider we deserved an A for effort.

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