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Know these terms to sound like a booze expert

Most people feel intimidated when it comes to wine. Jonathan Ross, the conduct sommelier at Eleven Madison Park, to explains some of the simple terms you’ll need to know to sound like a booze expert. Following is a twin of this video. 

I consider when you speak about wine, obviously, the word “dry” is substantially the many misunderstood or dissipated word. “Dry” means, by definition, that there is no sugar in the wine. Often times, when we taste, when we smell, a Riesling, we instantly consider it’s honeyed since it smells very fruity. So there really should be a eminence between something that smells “fruity” and is “sweet”. So mostly times, you could contend something like, “I wish something that is very high in aromatics” or “highly aromatic”. That could meant something’s very floral or has a lot of citrus impression to it.

“Tannin” is something with red wines that is mostly spoke about, you know, between sommeliers, we use it to really judge wines when we are blind tasting and even either it goes with food. So if you were to say, “I wish something with a lot of tannin”, you’re observant you wish something that really impacts your palate, that’s very rich, that maybe has an bitterness to go along with its fruit impression or its ethanol content.

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