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If Weight Watchers really wants to keep its millennial members, here’s the one thing it should fix

weight watchers oprah winfrey
Watchers member, investor, and confidant Oprah Winfrey talks with
members during a warn revisit at a Weight Watchers assembly in
New York City.


In college, we lost about 30 pounds on Weight Watchers. The
program worked for me, but to this day, there’s something that I
desperately wish Weight Watchers to fix — something that even
Oprah Winfrey, in her gigantic knowledge and charm, can't smooth
over as spokeswoman.

As a millennial, we never felt like we belonged in meetings, a
centerpiece of the diet program.

The mostly womanlike membership has an normal age of 48, according
to Weight Watchers. As we listened to other members describe
the hurdles of losing weight while lifting a family, or talk
excitedly about their middle-of-the-day spin class, we found it
formidable to bond given of the age gap. As the company
to adjust for the digital age
, we think
could advantage from adding meetings that are meant for young
professionals and students.

In a matter supposing to Business Insider, Weight Watchers said
it is now piloting a “cohort-based” assembly form in select
general markets and some US cities. The company would not
be some-more specific as to what “cohort-based” meant, yet the name
suggests meetings may split into categories formed on member
demographics. Weight Watchers pronounced it is examining the
impact these hearing meetings have on member knowledge and

The weight-loss hulk is anticipating its balance after a tumultuous
few years that
saw memberships and sales plummet
. Since recruiting Oprah,
who bought a 10% seductiveness in the company in early 2015, Weight
increasing its members over 2016
for the first time in four
years. The batch is surging, though it’s still
down about 80%
from the highs it saw in 2012.

Meetings broken down by member demographic could drum up new

weight watchersWeight

When you enroll in Weight Watchers, you compensate a monthly price of
about $45 that gives you entrance to digital collection and
meetings, which are led by people who lost weight on the program
and attended by other members. (Some members allow to the
digital collection only, which cost less). Each assembly lasts about 40
mins and covers a subject associated to weight loss, such as the
significance of formulation or how to hit the brakes on a lie day.

The meetings can duty as support groups, where members (about
90% are female, according to Weight Watchers) share their
struggles and triumphs with people who get it.

Weight Watchers has some one million
subscribers who attend meetings on a unchanging basis. we have gone
to meetings on and off for 5 years, in places like New York,
San Francisco, a vast college town, and a New England suburb.
But everywhere we go for meetings, we strike into the same
frustration: Most members are old adequate to be my mom.

Living in San Francisco, a city crawling with immature people, I
walk into a Weight Watchers plcae and instantly commend that
I’m the youngest person there. It creates me feel like we have to
bury myself for an older and presumably some-more straight-edged
audience. we don’t wish to fess up to ripping into a circle of brie
while intoxicated, or complain about work when there are members
sophistry careers and families. we review my problems to the
sobriety of theirs.

Weight detriment is such an impossibly personal thing. These meetings
ask that you put your insecurities on display before a organisation of
strangers (of course, you don’t have to speak). A Weight Watchers
assembly that brings together people my own age would help me open
up. The assembly leaders competence also tweak the subject of discussion
to residence immature people. we can suppose conversations reveal on
dating while dieting or anticipating aptness classes on a budget.

weight watchers assembly times schedule
Weight Watchers has one store plcae in San Francisco
proper. Its latest assembly starts at 5:30 on


we also find it formidable to find assembly times that fit my
slight as a immature professional. A infancy of meetings take
place during the day (44% of weekday meetings occur after 5
p.m., according to Weight Watchers), when we can’t get divided from
my table for an hour at a time.

When we do venture out to a lunchtime meeting, we lay examination the
clock, ticking off the mins given I’ve been left from the
office. Ideally, a assembly geared toward millennials would happen
in the evening, so attendees can put the workday behind them and
be mentally present.

There’s a classify of millennials that they consider the
universe revolves around them. In that sense, my opinion on Weight
Watchers only bolsters the stigma. Still, we wish to see a day
when the company’s meetings grow their impact by tailoring to the
different needs of its members.

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