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Here’s because the Rob Roy can be your go-to holiday cocktail

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The holidays are a time for friends, family, getting together,
and of march of bit of imbibing.

But what dash to mix? There’s such a dizzying operation of options.

You have copiousness of options, but one of my personal favorites is
the Rob Roy.

I’ll tell you why. My father-in-law loves this dash and creates a
wonderful, elementary version. He had some extraordinary practice as a
immature man, unresolved around Greenwich Village in New York and
listening to many of the greats of the Golden Age of jazz play
live. Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, those giants. He also learned
to tend bar and has kept his skills up for decades.

He creates a fine Rob Roy, which is a cocktail that’s been around
for over a century. It’s named for a fashionable Scottish folk favourite of
the 1600-1700 duration who was after immortalized in renouned books
and musicals. Effectively, it’s a Manhattan done with scotch,
rather than thwart or rye.

To make it, you’ll need some decent blended scotch. Cheap scotch
won’t be sheltered by the cocktail, so deposit in something like
Dewar’s or Johnnie Walker Red. Don’t use singular malt or high-end
blended scotch, however.

Then get some honeyed vermouth. we like Noilly Prat.

Finally, a lemon, lots of ice, and some brief cocktail glasses.

Here we go.


1. Put adequate ice cubes in a brief cocktail potion to fill it

2. Cut a turn from the lemon (after you’ve cleared it). Run the
turn around the corner of the glass, then discard.

3. Fill the potion approximately two-thirds of the way with
scotch. The cold thing about this chronicle of the Rob Roy is that
it’s on the rocks, not “up,” so you don’t have to be precise
about your measurements. However, the ratio is roughly 3:1

4. Add adequate honeyed vermouth to dim the dash a bit. This is
the partial of the cocktail that’s up to taste. If you like scotch,
use reduction vermouth. If you wish to take some of the hazed corner off
the scotch, use some-more vermouth. But don’t just dash in some

5. Gently stir the drink, for longer than you consider you

the dash for about a minute, doing nothing. You are permitting the
dash to “water” — the ice is melting, and the cocktail’s
components are integrating. It is becoming a

7. Add some-more ice, if necessary. The dash should chime a bit from
the ice when you pierce it around in your hand.

8. Add a lemon twist. This competence sound like an afterthought, but
it’s essential. Because this Rob Roy lacks bitters, a classic
ingredient, it needs something to supplement a sour element, and the
lemon skin does this brilliantly. 

The ultimate outcome should be a Rob Roy that’s light and
refreshing, arrange of like a discerning jazz shriek solo, or something
from the soprano sax. Savor it while listening to a couple of
numbers from the Bebop era. Toast your good fortune. Send the
year off in style!

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