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Zero-alcohol Heineken is shortly going to hit shelves in the UK

Zero-alcohol Heineken is shortly going to hit shelves
A bottle of Heineken’s first alcohol-free splash (Picture: AFP PHOTO/ANP/Koen outpost Weel/Netherlands OUTKOEN VAN WEEL/AFP/Getty Images)

Deciding not to splash splash at a party is a totally normal thing to do nowadays.

Rob BuckhavenCan celebration booze really hurt your diet?

But doesn’t indispensably meant you wish to be stuck with an orange extract or diet Pepsi all night long.

Which is because the attainment of a new lager will be music to many of the ears, as Heineken is rolling out a new 0% lager into UK high street stores this month.

Heineken 0.0 is to be sole in rather flattering blue-and-green bottles, and also the brewing company’s iconic (and in my opinion, irritatingly small) cans.

Dutch brewer Heineken introduces their first ethanol free beer
A man pours a bottle of the new splash into a potion in Amsterdam, (Picture: EPA/OEN VAN WEEL)

And it’s apparently aimed at health-aware immature drinkers.

Because besides the whole booze-free aspect, it’s also flattering low in calories at 21 per 100ml.

It’s also not meant to make you abandon taste, either, as the company’s reward brands executive David Lette told Metro.co.uk it’ll be the ‘best tasting no-alcohol lager’ out there:

‘This is a illusory tasting beer,’ he said.

Heineken's unchanging splash cans
Heineken’s unchanging splash cans (Picture: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

‘Our master brewer is so assured in Heineken 0.0 that he has given it his seal of approval.

‘Drinkers adore it too – initial feedback from both consumers and business has been overwhelmingly positive, with a clever welfare shown towards Heineken 0.0 contra other ethanol free beers.

‘We really can contend it’s the best tasting no ethanol lager.’

Dutch brewer Heineken introduces their first ethanol free beer
The design’s rather nice, no? (Picture: EPA/OEN VAN WEEL)

He also hopes that as good as being a hit with stream splash drinkers, it’ll also bring new drinkers to the category, by ‘attracting health-conscious younger consumers who are celebration reduction or abstaining altogether, by delivering a great-tasting splash from a code that they’re unapproachable to be seen with’.

We’ll have to ambience it ourselves to test that claim, but if it does spin out to prove one’s longing for a cold, frail beer, that’ll be good news for those looking to change the way they drink.

After all, Heineken is right in meditative that young people are celebration less.

Whether this becomes a long-term trend, we’ll have to see – but the wider the selection of low-alcohol or alcohol-free drinks out there, the better.

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