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There’s a Stranger Things popup that lets you sip cocktails in the Upside Down

There's a Stranger Things popup that lets you sip cocktails in the Upside Down
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We’ve still got a while to wait before we can finally, finally find out what’s happened to everybody in Stranger Things.*

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*The second deteriorate will be on Netflix 27 October. Clear your schedules.

To pass the time, we competence as good just drink, rewatch the show, and generally douse ourselves in all things Stranger Things. What else are we doing?

But if we’re going to do that, we’d really utterly like to do it in this Stranger Things popup bar in Chicago.

The Upside Down is a stately popup in Logan Square, Chicago, that’s wholly Stranger Things themed.


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The drinks menu includes the Eleven’s Eggo’s, – a slushie with a waffle on top – the Demogorgun slushie, the Snack Pack, the Mouthbreather, the Coffee Contemplation, and the She’s Our Friend and She’s Crazy (contains tequila, obviously).


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There’s that iconic wall of letters and Christmas lights, and Castle Byers.

There’s even a full on Upside Down territory with seat stuck to the roof, just really get you into the Stranger Things mood.

Still looking for Will @upsidedownchicago

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The Upside Down pop-up was all we approaching and more. #strangerthings #popup #logansquare

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Oh, and you can actually watch Stranger Things in the bar, so you won’t need to binge it at home.

The popup has a big screen and projector that plays Stranger Things all night long, to modernise your memory of the show while the cocktails modernise your palette.

Not all of us will be means to make it down, but the good news is that everyone’s ‘gramming the spot, so we can get a clarity of what it’s like.

If you corkscrew by them prolonged enough, it’s almost like being there. Not really, but almost.

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