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The decisive ranking of lunch food from misfortune to best

The decisive ranking of lunch food from misfortune to best
Get in my belly! (Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk)

Lunchtime as a child was simple.

You had turkey twizzlers, followed by a diversion of tab on the playground.

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Sadly, those days are prolonged gone.

As adults, we are faced with a fusillade choices when it comes to that lunchtime nibble.

This preference should be done with good counsel yet – a misstep can bluster to hurt the rest of your afternoon, and make you doubt since food would misuse you in such a manner.

Not all lunch options are combined equal, and here is a ranking of common lunch choices from misfortune to best.

15. Pret A Manger

A cook prepares a sandwich hang in the kitchen of a bend of food tradesman Pret a Manger
(Picture: Luke MacGregor/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Right, going to run the risk of serious unpopularity with this one, but Pret is just awful

The food is overpriced, the portions are tiny, and utterly honestly it has taken over every singular high street.

Stop with those little mango and orange combinations; the falafel prosaic bread is drier than the desert, and the coffee is overrated.

14. McDonalds

A Big Mac hamburger and french fries are graphic in a McDonalds quick food store in Central London
(Picture: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Ah, honeyed McDonalds.

It’s the one place that’s guaranteed to draw the many heterogeneous brew of people.

You’ll find mums bribing screaming children with Happy Meals, teenagers on dates, or sole rangers getting some of that McGoodness.

However, the food is controversial at the best of times, and there is something ashamed about sitting there in your work finery, requesting a 99p burger.

Don’t do it.

13. Burger King

A Burger King Whopper hamburger is organised with french fries for a sketch in Tiskilwa
(Picture: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

Burger King ranks only somewhat aloft due to the fact that the fries are better, and you can get a paper climax if you desire them tough enough.

However, you are still falling your teeth into a soggy burger that’s utterly greasy and will substantially make you wish to take a snooze at 2pm.

12. Kebab

Middle eastern Lamb Kebab hang with couscous on a fodo truck
Fancy digging your teeth into that? (Picture: Getty)

This is just about excusable at 4am but not at 1pm on a Wednesday.

You’ll be trying to equivocate garlic salsa dash back on your tie the whole time.

11. Costa Coffee

costa coffee
(Picture: Getty)

This is a humorous one since the prohibited chocolate infused with marshmallows (totally worth the additional cost) is utterly decent, but the food choices are not.

Those cheesy layered toasties demeanour like a good option but after a few bites, you’re guaranteed to feel utterly queasy, full and impeded with regrets.

10. Sausage roll

Sausage Rolls removed on a white background
(Picture: Getty)

A good sausage wrapped in greasy pastry, and accessible opposite all decent British high streets.

The only obstacle is that it is all a bit phallic, and you can’t really make eye hit with anyone as you’re chowing it down.

Best to eat in private, maybe in a toilet case with the doorway resolutely locked.

9. Chippy

Staff at the Atlantic Fish and Chip Shop, in Coatbridge prepares food before opening
Chips + Fish = even better (Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

When it comes to chips from the chippy, anyone will onslaught to have a bad experience.

You know accurately what you are getting, you can get resourceful with the salsas you go for, and the best thing is that you can eat it with a plastic fork.

How British, how perfect.

8. Cold pasta

 Roasted Rhubarb and Asparagus Pasta Salad
Nom, nom, nom (Picture: Deb Lindsey/ The Washington Post/ Getty Images)

Pasta is one of those superfoods.

By this we don’t meant in the intensely healthy clarity but in the clarity that it’s a genuine crowd-pleaser.

You can strike whatever you wish with pasta and it will just ambience good, even baked beans.

But the best thing about pasta is substantially that it tastes so good when it’s cold that there is no need for you to leave your table and do the irritating walk to the microwave.

You can just things your face at your desk.

7. Last night’s takeaway

View of the Chettinadu Breakfast, Indian Recipes for Chicken Curry Dishes and Chicken Biryani at Chettiar mansions in Chettinad
Casually whip this out at your table (Picture: Gireesh Gv/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

You know when you get home and you are ravenous, or you’ve had a bit of a balderdash day, and the only thing to fix this craving and rubbishness is a takeaway?

Well sometimes, when your takeout of choice arrives, it is all you could have hoped for and so much more.

But, since you’re a bit greedy, you systematic way too much and now you can’t finish it.

Don’t bin it – take it for lunch instead.

The advantages are endless: you know what you’re getting, you’re being thrifty, and it invites questions about your epicurean lifestyle – the one that caused you to sequence a five-course Indian dish on a Monday night.

6. Nando’s

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Mate, this is one of those oppulance lunches that happens when someone is leaving; or celebrating a birthday; or, on the rarest of occasions, when your boss has offering to pay.

Get some of that peri-peri integrity down yer gob.

5. Sushi

How imagination (Picture: Getty Images)

Sushi is handy, tasty, and it creates you demeanour outlandish and well-travelled.

Also utterly healthy, inexpensive and easy to make from scratch.

4. Soup

ew of Roasted Parsnip Soup at the Humana Healthy Holiday Cooking Challenge
Warm, stuffing and elementary (Picture: Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images/Humana)

Soup is a bit like a prohibited water bottle – as in it offends no one, and no one ever really says no to having one.

Soup comes in all opposite flavours, so you will never be bored.

It’s good for you. And it is the ideal forgive to eat a few bread rolls in the process.

3. Pie

Union Jack flags on pig pies as nationalistic gesticulate for festival street party celebrations in the UK
So many pies, so little stomach space (Picture: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

Sometimes, all you need to get you by the day is a thick robust pie, cleared back with a potion of Ribena.


2. Jacket potato

A baked potato skin souffle. (Photo by Michael Boys/Corbis/VCG around Getty Images)
Potato and cheese is always a good thing. (Picture: Michael Boys/Corbis/VCG/Getty Images)

It doesn’t matter where you are, what the weather is, or your age, since a decent coupler potato is just a unreal lunch for anyone.

The toppings are endless, it is stuffing and have you ever had a unsatisfactory knowledge with a jacket? Exactly.

1. A sandwich

Fried Green Tomato BLTs With Egg (Photo by Dixie D. Vereen/For The Washington Post around Getty Images)
You can never go wrong with a sandwich (Picture: Dixie D. Vereen/ The Washington Post/Getty Images)

When it comes to lunch time food options, the common sandwich ranks as the comprehensive best.

You can never ever go wrong with a common sandwich.

The possibilities are endless, they are cheap, elementary to make and many importantly so, so, so filling.

Even if it is the week before payday and you are poor, you can still make a mythological sandwich with two slices of bread abd crisps as a stuffing and live life like a member of the aristocracy.

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