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That Mean Girls unfounded brunch is coming to Manchester

The Mean Girls unfounded brunch is coming to Manchester
You can’t lay with us unless you buy a sheet (Picture: Paramount Pictures)

If there’s one thing us simple humans love, it’s a themed brunch.

In new time, we’ve had a Harry Potter brunch, a hip bound brunch and a 90s brunch.

Earlier this month, Londoners were treated to a Mean Girls unfounded brunch which had some northerners sighing, ‘Why do all those terrible humans in that soiled ruin hole of a city get everything?’.

Well, northern pals, your fitness is in, for the Mean Girls unfounded brunch is making its way to Manchester.

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The brunch will take place at a secret plcae (revealed to sheet holders) and will have Mean Girls themed games, brunch and cocktails, with the iconic film personification in the background.

Admission includes brunch (a categorical and dessert) and unfounded Prosecco for an hour from midday until 1pm (so you’d better get there on time).

There will also be a Burn Book encircling so you can write all your grievances in there.

Mean Girls unfounded brunch, Manchester

When? Saturday 17 March, 12pm – 5pm.

Where? Secret plcae in Manchester, only suggested to sheet holders.

How much? £35 and £2.27 engagement fee.

What do we get? Includes admission, brunch (main and dessert, veggie and vegan options available) and an hour of unfounded Prosecco from 12pm – 1pm.

There will be Mean Girls themed cocktails like the Glen Coco and the Carb-less Butter cocktails.

However, these cost additional – unless you win the pretension of Spring Fling King or Queen, in which case you win two free cocktails of your chance.

Those with discerning reflexes are in with the possibility of winning free shots, as whenever the bartender shouts, ‘That’s so…’, the first guest to screech, ‘Fetch!’ will get a free shot.

Good luck, friends.

There will also be free condoms on offer via the day, pleasantness of Coach Carter – nonetheless we all know he’s rather you don’t have sex. Because you will get profound and die.

This is the first in a run of themed brunches to take place opposite Manchester, so keep your eyes peeled.

Buy tickets for Manchester Mean Girls brunch here.

Oh and wear pinkish to this one. Obviously.

Mean Girls is butter a carb Regina George

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