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Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover

Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover
(Picture: Marks Spencer/Getty)

Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover, holding impulse from the renouned Halloween tack – the pumpkin.

Ditching the common smiley-faced pigs for something a little spookier (well, at slightest as scary as soothing gums can get), Marks Spencer has expelled some singular book bags which any enclose a reduction of pink, immature and orange Percys finish with a ghoulish grin.

Percy Pigs have been given the creepy revamp after celebrating their 25th year on the shelves.

Over the last few years, Percy has met the adore of his life, Penny, set off on an around the universe outing and even welcomed his very own piglets in 2015.

Percy Pig has had a Halloween makeover
(Picture: Marks Spencer)

And so it’s only right that there’s a Halloween-themed Percy to symbol nonetheless another useful occasion.

The Percy Pumpkins will be joining their crony Count Colin, another new further to MS stores that saw the normal Colin the Caterpillar cake given a black Dracula garment and a set of fangs.

All we need now is for Penny to be incited into a bag of witches so that we’re given the full, MS Halloween package.

But for now, you can find the Percy Pumpkin packets in MS stores now, for just £1.65.

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