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Hot Gin Roof is back – with solitaire cocktails exhilarated with a red prohibited poker

Hot Gin Roof is back  with solitaire cocktails exhilarated with a red prohibited poker
A prohibited poker is used for heating the solitaire (Picture: Sipsmith)

If you adore all things gin, snuggling on a cold rooftop with a crater of prohibited solitaire is substantially right up your street.

That’s accurately what Hot Gin Roof is all about, and you get to enjoy the perspective opposite London from the top of the Ham Yard Hotel.

You can now buy truffle solitaire – done with Italian white fungi

The solitaire cocktails (made with Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin) are exhilarated with a red prohibited poker, called a loggerhead, crafted specifically by a blacksmith for using to feverishness drinks.

The thought is that the loggerhead is taken true from the fire and then plunged right into the solitaire cocktail, caramelising the sugars, heating the splash and formulating a singular aroma.

Loggerheads on a #hotginroof making prohibited @sipsmith solitaire drinks the old fashioned and fastest way.

A post shared by Jared Brown (@mixellany2) on Dec 6, 2017 at 5:03am PST

It’s a technique that’s taken true from the story books, with cocktails on offer including a bubbling prohibited GT, Singapore Sling with grilled pineapple slice, and a prohibited cocktail called Hangman’s Blood from 1929.

Sipsmith master distiller Jared Brown says: ‘At Sipsmith we have always had low bend for the past, centered on London’s solitaire heritage.

‘I’ve been exploring story for impulse and we can’t wait to see the greeting on the guest’s faces when they declare the art, entertainment and essence that can be achieved when heating drinks with prohibited fire pokers.’

Meanwhile Firmdale Hotel’s Group Mixologist, Eoin Kenny, added: Heating the cocktails with a prohibited poker is a genuine art form that we’ve resurrected from the story books, and we’ve worked tough to curate a truly well-developed list of prohibited solitaire serves.’

The Hot Gin Roof eventuality runs from 6pm on Wednesday Jan 17 until Saturday Feb 17 for 90 notation sessions.

Tickets are £18 each, including a creatively ‘poked’ prohibited GT and another prohibited cocktail.

History of prohibited gin

Cocktails with the girls! Slightly late post but interjection @ham_yard, @firmdale_hotels and @sipsmith for such a good event! #hotginroof we’ve had such a good time and hotel #negroni was my favourite! #cocktails #friends #london

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The prohibited solitaire judgment pays loyalty to the days when solitaire kept London warm.

Hot solitaire done its entrance in the 18th century, at London’s winter Frost Fairs, when the Thames would solidify over and renovate into a winter stadium with a horde of gastronomic delights.

It was here that the first food and splash pairing, solitaire and gingerbread, was recorded, and where prohibited solitaire done its mark.

It is only given the invention of executive heating that celebration solitaire prohibited lost its place in society

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