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Behold the stately origination that is Nutella fries

Behold the stately origination that is Nutella fries
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Fries? Good. Nutella? Also good.

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We’re not certain because it took us so bloody prolonged to put the two together, other than the vigour to be a correct adult who cooking vegetables and salmon and does not suffuse ideally good snacks in chocolate.

But here we are. Finally, someone’s done Nutella fries a thing. What a time to be alive.

For the month of May, Sydney-based grill Butter is portion up Nutella fries.

Nutella fries are French fries smothered in Nutella and surfaced with nuts.

Why? Why not?

Nutella Fires 👌🏽 #justbuttered #fries #nutella #workperks #11/10 #hennesy #cherrycola #slushie #burger #friedchicken #buttersydney

A post shared by Roanna Jayasinghe (@roannajay) on May 11, 2017 at 10:43pm PDT

They’re the ideal provide if you’re a fan of tainted and honeyed things together (fellow chocolate-covered pretzel lovers, you’ll know what we mean), and go brilliantly as a side plate or a dessert after a burger.

We would not suggest dipping them in ketchup.

SPECIAL ALERT! Nutella and Crushed Hazelnut Fries for the month of May in and with a @SUBTYPESTORE X @BUTTERSHOP collaboration! Thanks for the s/o @urbanlistsyd! Shop a collab around couple in bio!

A post shared by Butter (@buttersydney) on May 11, 2017 at 12:05am PDT

But now that we’ve had the good news (the very existence of Nutella fries), here’s the semi-bad bit.

Butter is in Australia, and will only be portion up their enchanting origination in May.

The Biggie Shroom, Cheezus Sandwich and a side of a @SUBTYPESTORE X @BUTTERSHOP Nutella and Crushed Hazelnut Fries!

A post shared by Butter (@buttersydney) on May 12, 2017 at 6:02pm PDT

So unless you occur to be in Australia this month, you won’t be means to get your hands on ’em.

But here’s the good news (it’s always good to do a good news, bad news sandwich): They seem flattering blimmin’ elementary to make.

Just squeeze some fries, drizzle Nutella on top, supplement some dejected nuts if you’re feeling posh, and enjoy.

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