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Beets make you smart, systematic study says

It’s the base to a better brain.

The common beet has been found to boost your gray matter during exercise, interjection to its high levels of oxygen-enhancing nitrates, researchers at Wake Forest University found.

In a study, 26 prime men and women with high blood vigour drank possibly beet extract or a remedy before sportive — and the ones who got the beets, had much aloft levels of nitric oxide, which increases blood and oxygen upsurge in the body.

“Nitric oxide is a really absolute molecule,” pronounced study coauthor W. Jack Rejeski. “It goes to the areas of the physique which are hypoxic, or wanting oxygen, and the brain is a complicated tributary of oxygen in your body.”


Beet extract can fuel your gray matter.

(maramicado/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

The study, published in the peer-reviewed Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, adds to ascent justification on the pluses of beets, which have also been found to urge continuation and reduce blood pressure.

So make some borscht, already.

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