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A singular Malibu vineyard with ties to wine kingship has hit the marketplace for $12.5 million

cointreau houseThis isn’t something you see every day in Malibu.Jeff Elson

Vineyards are substantially not the first thing that comes to mind when deliberation genuine estate in Malibu.

But there is one now on the market, as Béatrice Cointreau — whose great-grandfather foined Cointreau Distillery and whose grandfather founded Rémy Martin — has listed her family’s booze estate in the beachside village for $12.5 million.

Cointreau was formerly the CEO of Champagne Gosset and was the first womanlike member of the Wine Academy of France.

She is reportedly returning to France but has been producing wines for the Admirable Family Vineyards tag here for several years. Cointreau bought the property, at the time a gone vineyard, as two apart parcels in 2013. 

“As distant as the skill itself, it’s not bland that you can squeeze a vineyard in Malibu. There are nothing on the marketplace beside L’ Admirable,” Shauna Walters, executive of general oppulance properties at John Aaron Group, told Business Insider. Walters is inventory the vineyard with Sally Forster Jones.

Walters added: “The city of Malibu is not permitting them if they don’t already exist so this is the possibility to own something extraordinary.”

The estate consists of a 6,635-square-foot home on roughly 5 acres, which is also home to 3,000 vines of Viognier, Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Syrah varietals. 

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