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7 European cities where it’s cheaper to stay in a hotel than an Airbnb

tallinn estonia flickr minniemouseauntA three-star hotel room in Tallinn, Estonia costs 4.3% reduction than the normal Airbnb inventory in the city.Flickr/minniemouseaunt

As the ‘January blues’ brush in, infrequently it seems that the only light at the finish of the tunnel is the suspicion of engagement a long, sunny getaway to demeanour brazen to.

But with income after Christmas still being a little tight, this emergency vacation needs to be cost-effective if it’s going to work with your bank change and assets devise for the year ahead.

Voucher website VoucherCloud has looked into the normal cost for one person to stay in an Airbnb vs. a three-star hotel opposite every collateral city in Europe to work out in which cities an Airbnb is a savvy decision, and in which locations “splashing out” on a hotel competence actually save you some pennies.

Although it’s easy to assume that an Airbnb is always the many cost-efficient form of accommodation when travelling, a three-star hotel is cheaper or the same cost as the normal Airbnb in eight of the 48 European collateral cities surveyed, according to VoucherCloud’s findings.

In fact, in Andorra’s collateral city of Andorra la Vella, a three-star hotel (£43, or $59) is not only just half the cost of the normal Airbnb (£79, or $108), but you can book yourself into a five-star hotel for reduction than the normal inventory on Airbnb’s website too (£77, or $105).

Scroll on to learn every European collateral city where you’re better off engagement a hotel than an Airbnb, ranked by cost disproportion in descending order.

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