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YouTuber spends £40,000 on Pokemon cards and insists it’s ‘smarter than shopping a house’

YouTuber spends 40,000 on Pokemon cards and says it's 'smarter than selling a house'
YouTuber Jay Swingler motionless that Pokemon cards were the ideal investment (Picture: YouTube)

A YouTuber from the West Midlands has splashed some major cash on his latest purchase, spending over £40,000 on a collection of singular Pokemon cards. Living the dream, really.

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Jay Swingler, famous by many internet folk as Jay from TGF, posted a video to his channel explaining the somewhat vast selling debauch which he openly admits that ‘most people won’t understand’.

Possibly not doing all that much for the long-time parable that YouTubers make hella income and spend it on crazy purchases, but hey.

Give me a camera and a crater of tea, i’ll have the two things in life that make me the happiest 📷☕️

A post shared by Jay Swingler (@byjayswingler) on Sep 8, 2017 at 2:31pm PDT

Explaining his decision to deposit such a outrageous volume of income in the iconic Pokemon trade cards, Jay, who now has over 700,000 subsribers, pronounced in his video: ‘I’m a outrageous fan of Pokemon and always have been given we was a child.

‘I didn’t realize how critical Pokemon label collecting was until we started speaking to Barney [a veteran label trade enthusiast]’.

Jay went on: ‘I saw the whole Pokemon thing as a large investment opportunity, for me to put my income into something and for it to fundamentally go up in value – along with me revisiting my childhood and having this large nostalgia with Pokemon.’

Anyone who knows their Pikachu from their Bulbasaur will know you can’t win much in the universe of Pokemon but a battle, and Jay’s came in the form of an heated eBay behest war.

FYI, the eBay inventory for the box of trade cards was actually a flattering big deal, being the first open auction in years of a first edition, shadowless bottom set upholder box. So now you know.

YouTuber spends 40,000 on Pokemon cards and says it's 'smarter than selling a house'
Would you rather have a residence or a 1st book box of Pokemon cards? (Picture: YouTube)

While revelation that he knows it was a outrageous risk to even consider about selling the box, Jay went on to win the cards with a grand sum winning bid of $54,200.00 (£411,54.06). Gulp.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, Jay fortifying his Poke-purchase further, saying: ‘The value is likely to ascend with the recover of the arriving Pokémon movie, as good as acknowledgment of a live movement movie.

‘Technically, it is smarter than selling a house, as the investment on this card is some-more than a house!’ Jay argued.

Buying a box of Pokemon cards in sequence to equivocate the housing marketplace has got to be one of the many millennial things to have ever millennial’d.

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