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YouTube CEO reveals Logan Paul wasn’t kicked off site since ‘he didn’t violate policies’

YouTube CEO says Logan Paul wasn't kicked off site since 'he didn't violate policies'
YouTube CEO has oral about the Logan Paul controversy

Following the large disturbance caused by Logan Paul when he uploaded a video of a passed physique in Japan’s ‘suicide forest’ in Dec – followed by a Feb video in which he tasered passed rats – many were job for the renouned YouTuber to be banned from the website.

However, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has finally shared her thoughts on either or not Logan should be private from the site.

Speaking at Recode’s Code Media discussion in California yesterday, she explained the logic behind because Logan is still means to upload, observant he didn’t do anything wrong in the website’s eyes.

‘We do cancel accounts all the time,’ Wojcicki said, before divulgence the company has a ‘three strikes’ complement for violating policies. ‘He hasn’t finished anything that would means those 3 strikes.’

Susan Wojcick
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Instead of being banned outright, the 22-year-old had his ad income nude and isn’t means to publicize on his videos – which are watched in the millions.

In regards to that move, Wojcicki said: ‘We consider that’s actually a flattering clever statement.’

Her comments come as YouTube announced consequences that will be taken against vloggers who ‘upload videos that outcome in widespread mistreat to the village of creators, viewers and advertisers’.

Vice President of Product Management at the company, Ariel Bardin, minute the 3 new consequences of vloggers who mangle the manners of the site.

The 3 stairs announced were: ‘Premium Monetization Programs, Promotion and Content Development Partnerships. We may mislay a channel from Google Preferred and also suspend, cancel or mislay a creator’s YouTube Original.

‘Monetization and Creator Support Privileges. We may postpone a channel’s ability to offer ads, ability to earn income and potentially mislay a channel from the YouTube Partner Program, including creator support and entrance to the YouTube Spaces.

‘Video Recommendations. We may mislay a channel’s eligibility to be endorsed on YouTube, such as appearing on the home page, trending add-on or watch next.’

In regards to the new moves, Wojcicki admitted it was tough to make manners that were satisfactory to both sides, observant it’s a change between censorship and leisure of speech, adding it’s a ‘complicated and very nuanced place where that line is drawn.’

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