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WSTRN star Akelle Charles jailed for 4 years for aroused disorder

WSTRN star Akelle Charles jailed for 4 years for aroused disorder
Akelle Charles has been jailed following a prosaic attack last year (Picture: Getty)

One of the members of WSTRN has been jailed for 4 years for aroused disorder.

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Akelle Shemai Charles, one of the members of the hip-hop group, was condemned with his hermit Naeem Neil Phillip-Charles to a sum of eight years in jail for a prosaic attack in 2016.

The brothers were among 5 men who stormed a prosaic in White City on Jan 11, 2016 and threatened the occupants.

The men wore motorcycle helmets and kicked the doorway down of the prosaic before aggressive the occupants.

Akelle is one of the members of hip-hop organisation WSTRN (Picture: Getty)

A 40-year-old man and 60-year-old grandmother had a bicycle thrown at them, while it was reported that the woman’s tooth was broken when she was punched.

According to Get West London, police believed the occurrence was in tie with a street spoliation on the same day, but the prosaic occupants had no believe of the robbery.

Charles, 26, and Philip-Charles, 32, both of Devonport Road in Shepherd’s Bush, were condemned at Isleworth Crown Court on Jul 26.

Akelle, left, was found guilty of aroused commotion along with his hermit (Picture: Getty)

The brothers were found guilty of aroused commotion and were condemned to a 4 and a half year judgment and a 3 and a half year judgment respectively. They were clear of aggravated burglary, as good as possession of a firearm with vigilant to means fear of violence.

Detective Constable Christopher McShane of the Metropolitan Police said: ‘This was a intolerable distress for the two trusting victims, one of whom is a grandmother and who was punched in the face.

‘I am gratified that both men will now have to simulate on their actions in prison.’

The other 3 men concerned in the occurrence have not been traced.

WSTRN, consisting of Akelle, Louis Rei and Haile, reached no 4 in the charts with their 2015 entrance singular In2.

The rope hit headlines last year when they were announced as the winners of the MOBO for Best Song – however, when they went up on stage, the Abra Cadabra and Krept Konan’s Robbery (Remix) played, with people realising that had actually won.

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