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‘This Is Us’ News: Milo Ventimiglia Says Jack Pearson is ‘Flawed’ [VIDEO]

This Is Us

His impression has so distant managed to make fans impassivity and feel anger since they know he will die at some indicate in the show’s story, but Milo Ventimiglia doesn’t consider his This is Us alter ego Jack Pearson is as ideal as everybody thinks he is.

In an talk with Variety, Ventimiglia non-stop up about the impossibly renouned show and his character, divulgence that while he can describe to Jack, he doesn’t consider he is as good of a man all the time as fans have deemed him to be so distant on the show.

“I don’t consider he’s ideal at all. we consider he’s flawed, and we’ll see those flaws,” Ventimiglia said. “Those flaws and those cracks and those imperfections are what make us human. A lot of people, generally on social media, are saying, ‘Jack is perfect. Where can we find a Jack?’ And kind of send all that adore onto me. That’s a good feeling.”

Ventimiglia also suggested that he was never taken by advise by the news that Jack wouldn’t be there for the whole story and wasn’t alive in the benefaction day, but he does advise that when the how of Jack’s death is revealed, it will be something that will truly y=upset fans in an unexpected way.

“When we sealed on for the pilot, we knew that Jack was defunct in the benefaction day,” he said. “So it wasn’t a advise when [creator] Dan Fogelman finally told me how it all happened. It’s going to mangle some hearts far-reaching open when it happens, but it’s a flattering amazing, enchanting moment to see what Dan has planned.”

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.


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