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‘This Is Us’ Episode 14: New Actress Joins Cast; Another Couple Might Be Getting Married In ‘I Call Marriage’

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Fans of “This Is Us” were astounded when NBC ran episodes of “The Wall” instead of the unchanging program. With the unannounced reshuffling of programs, fans of “This Is Us” agonized over the unresolved questions from the prior episodes.

According to Heavy, the deferred part of “This Is Us,” “I Call Marriage,” will air on Feb. 7, Tuesday. The characters in “This Is Us” had a lot of things going on for them and they are clearly not in a very good position right now.

Take for instance, Sophie and Kevin. The viewers are prickly to know if Sophie will give in to her feelings and emotions and take Kevin back, which will positively bring about several repercussions. Meanwhile, Kate is in an ungainly conditions as a man takes seductiveness in her while she is at a weight-loss foot stay in her enterprise to check her gastric by-pass surgery.

In “This Is Us” part 14, Randall will also continue his onslaught to accept the reality that the health of his father is fast deteriorating. Miguel and Shelly’s harmful news will impact the attribute of Jack and Rebecca. However, something good is available Rebecca as she receives an extraordinary work opportunity; but will that event take her divided from Jack?

On another note, a new expel member will be joining “This Is Us” in future episodes. According to Hollywood Reporter, “The Fosters” star, Amanda Leighton, has been tapped to play the role of a immature Sophie.

In a bittersweet tract spin in “This Is Us,” the fans were astounded with a remarkable spin in the storyline where Kevin’s matrimony to his high school sweetheart, Sophie, was revealed. Kevin was primarily uneasy with the fact that he had to select between two women in his life, Olivia or Sloane. However, he ends up selecting conjunction as he satisfied that it’s been Sophie all along.


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