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‘The 100’ Season 4 Spoilers, Latest News & Update: Tension Arises Between Indra’s Daughters; Octavia’s Dark Side Revealed?

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The latest part of “The 100” Season 4 had a lot of things going on in Arkadia and Polis. Fans were also in for a warn when they found out that Indra actually has a daughter. The unexpected explanation of Indra’s daughter is deliberate to be a diversion changer for the rest of the season.

According to IGN, “The 100” Season 4 spoilers advise that there competence be tragedy between Gaia and Octavia. Gaia is Indra’s biological daughter while Octavio is the devout one. Fans are awaiting the tract to concentration some-more on Indra now that she is in the spotlight with her new daughter.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jason Rothenberg himself suggested that there will be a new dispute in arriving “The 100” Season 4 episodes. Speaking of Octavia, her role in “The 100” Season 4 competence also be expounded now that Roan has satisfied her loyal value.

Octavia was also given a new name, Skairippa, which reportedly translates to “death from above.” Will this be a branch indicate of Octavia’s impression and open up her dim side?

Another tract turn to demeanour brazen to in future episodes of “The 100” Season 4 is the probable repercussions of Octavia’s distortion to Roan about the flame. Octavia prosaic out pronounced that the Flame was already destroyed, when in fact, she let Gaia keep it. It is still different either Octavia did it to mistreat Gaia or to make Roan insane or feel betrayed. Either way, it looks like Gaia is up for some difficulty down the road.

Meanwhile, Raven and Clarke were seen in an heated conditions in “The 100” Season 4 with the former laying out the cards and demanding for a list of who will be saved. The indifference of Raven’s authority was positively remarkable by the fans and the vigour on Clarke’s shoulder is apparently very heavy.

Who will Clarke select to save? Will there be new alliances and profanation in “The 100” Season 4? It’s only a matter of time until Clarke completes the list that will change the upsurge of “The 100” Season 4.


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