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That Was Fast…Will Zoey Johnson Move On From Aaron And Luca On ‘Grown-Ish’?

Freeform’s Grown-ish, spinoff of ABC’s Black-ish, didn’t rubbish any time in having Zoey Johnson (actress Yara Shahidi) try boys in college. Her player skills unsuccessful her in the latest partial as she got held intrigue on her crush, Aaron, and her crony incited bae, Luca. A new promo suggested either Zoey is prepared to pierce on with man array 3.

In the teaser, Zoey shows her friends a photo of the boy, Cash Mooney, she has to mentor so she can get a good recommendation letter. It turns out the man is a flattering big sports star.

“Dude’s insane!” pronounced Zoey’s crony Sky. “I saw a video of him dunking at 9 years old.”

Despite Zoey’s child crazy moments progressing the entrance deteriorate of the series, she didn’t seem phased by the intensity new guy’s credits. Still, her other friend, Nomi, was really impressed.

“He’s on the brief list of black guys that my father would be cold with me dating.” In case you’re curious, the other two guys were Cash and Odell Beckham. She remarkable that comedian Kevin Hart once done the list but indicated “he got scratched off” presumably after that ungainly intrigue liaison that flush last year.

Still, Zoey pronounced while she’s entirely wakeful of who Cash is, “I just don’t caring about a basketball player. Right now all I’m about is getting this fellowship.”

It looks like she really has incited to her studies for comfort. It competence only be a matter of time before she leans on Aaron or Luca again. She had been spending much of the many new partial trying to get Aaron’s attention. When he didn’t respond in the way she had hoped, she changed on with Luca, who was clearly meddlesome in being some-more than friends.

Things got even some-more ungainly when Aaron finished up coming around and Zoey tried to play both of them. For the many part, she had things under control deliberation the two have been enemies given the show debuted progressing this month. Considering she was new to the intrigue game, it didn’t take prolonged for her to get held when she finished up in a FaceTime and Skype event with both of them at the same time. After they finished their argument, they both hung up and refused to pronounce with Zoey. Swearing off boys competence have been for the best but deliberation her history, it competence not last long.

Grown-ish front on Freeform Wednesdays at 8/7c. Be certain to keep up with Enstars for the latest.

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