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‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Reunion: Drama Explodes Between Tommie & Karlie Redd In Part Two Teaser [VIDEO]

Part 1 of Love Hip Hop Atlanta brought the play just like fans suspicion it would. Now VH1 has given viewers a look of what to design in the next episode.

It looks like Karlie Redd and Lovely Mimi are from finale their argument after Lovely Mimi went head-to-head with Karlie in an bid to strengthen her crony Tommie.

In the teaser, Tommie suggested that there were things that happened that fans didn’t get to see on the show. She pronounced Karlie was articulate about Lovely Mimi behind her back and while Lovely Mimi wanted to be a good crony to Tommie, she was fortifying herself against Karlie as well.

When it comes to Karlie, she looked flattering nonplussed about the explain that she dissed Lovely Mimi.

“I have no time at all to speak about Mimi,” Karlie said.

Tommie called out Karlie and said, “But you did call her a jester and contend she belongs in a circus.”

“I don’t have time. Because we own my own store. You don’t own your own store. And [Lovely Mimi] isn’t even a genuine spike tech,” Karlie reiterated once she was reminded by Tommie she was on camera.

By this time, Lovely Mimi had broken her overpower against Karlie heading the two ladies to went head-to-head.

“It’s not her position or place to contend anything about me since she doesn’t know me,” Lovely Mimi pronounced of Karlie Redd. “When I’m pulling receipts, you’re gonna be embarrassed.”

That’s when Lovely Mimi tried to get earthy with Karlie. Of course, given the story of what’s happened on Love Hip Hop reunion shows, confidence was right on palm to stop the play from going too far. Check out the full clip below.

Love Hip Hop Atlanta reunion partial two front Monday at 8/7c on VH1.
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