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Katie Couric Receives Backlash At The Pyeongchang Winter Games

The Winter Olympic Games attract billions of viewers around the world. With large eyes examination the games, any commentator must step up to the plate.

Opening Ceremony Magic

Katie Couric returned to NBC to help the promote news network cover the Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. She assimilated former ESPN announcer Mike Tirico as they anchored the American coverage of the opening rite on Feb. 9. Deadline reported that the critics desired the twin and suspicion that they did an implausible pursuit with the opening ceremony.

The Controversial Comment

During the opening ceremony, Couric had the event to deliver the Netherlands group and she shared an engaging tidbit to the American assembly per the Netherlands and how the country is good at speedskating.

“As you all know, it [The Netherlands] has lots of canals that can solidify in the winter. So for as prolonged as those canals have existed, the Dutch have skated on them to get from place to place, to any other, and also to have fun,” Couric told the assembly on Friday evening.

The Dutch Viewers Respond

Once Couric announced that startling commentary, large people with Dutch birthright took to social media to ridicule and impugn the former Today anchor.

“Dear Katie Couric, the Dutch do NOT movement to work. Skating on clogs is too hard, even for us,” wrote one Twitter user.

Others used photos of Dutch skaters to goblin the radio personality. However, USA Today found that one Dutch fan used a map of the Netherlands as he roasted the former CBS Evening News anchor.

Fans Rate Couric’s Performance

On Couric’s own Twitter account, many fans also settled to the radio horde that they were unfortunate with Couric and Tricio’s commentary.

“You talked too much by the whole opening presentation! Instead of vouchsafing us enjoy the imagery and music, you had to explain all and busted the experience. As if we couldn’t figure it all out ourselves?! #FAIL #OpeningCeremony,” wrote another Twitter user.

Couric was not the only NBC employee who was under serious inspection for their coverage of the Winter Olympics. USA Today reported that NBC Sports researcher Joshua Cooper Ramo was consummated following a controversial acknowledgement per the difficult attribute Korea had with Japan. After the network fired Ramo, NBC apologized to its horde country for airing intensity deleterious misinformation.

Couric Before The Olympics

Before Couric returned to NBC and assisted them with their Winter Olympics coverage, Couric done headlines on her own.

In January, Couric interviewed Amy Schumer for her successful podcast. The comedian not only shielded Aziz Ansari from his passionate bungle allegations but also suggested she was “flat-out raped” as a teenager.

Couric also pennyless her silence regarding the Matt Lauer passionate bungle scandal. Lauer’s longtime partner-in-crime told People Magazine that the Lauer that was consummated from NBC News was not the Matt she knew for years.

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