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How accurate was BBC One’s swap story thriller SS-GB?

How accurate was BBC Ones thriller SS-GB?
The choice Britain of SS-GB (Picture: BBC)

For the past 5 weeks, Sunday nights have been all about SS-GB.

It’s the BBC’s answer to The Man In The High Castle – an instrumentation of a renouned novel that posits an swap reality where the Nazis won World War Two.

SS-GB has been a high stakes thriller – but just how accurate was it?

If the Nazis had assigned Britain would it have looked like this?

It’s 1941, and the Luftwaffe have won the Battle Of Britain

The RAF losing the Battle Of Britain is one of the many renouned divergences in swap story novella – but could it have actually happened? Britain had the corner in many respects, from fighting over home domain to their technological edge.

Even then, Operation Sea Lion – a ‘reverse Dunkirk’ that would have seen Germany mountain a corner aerial/amphibious attack on Britain – could have unsuccessful due to the strength of the British Navy.

Eagle-eyed SS-GB viewers speckled an early inaccuracy, as partial one non-stop with a indication of Spitfire that shouldn’t have existed.

The series used a genuine Spitfire craft as partial of their loyalty to accuracy, but it was a indication that wasn’t built until 1942.

The series was ostensible to be set in 1941.

King George VI has been detained in the Tower of London

One fact of SS-GB sees King George VI detained in the Tower of London, leaving the country but a monarch.

Interestingly, though, some justification suggests that the Nazis done plans to reinstate George as King – with his older hermit Edward, the Duke of Windsor, who had abdicated the bench in 1936.

Edward and his wife, Wallis Simpson, met with Hitler and other comparison Nazis to plead Edward retaking the bench in Nazi-occupied Britain.

It’s probable that if the Nazis did overthrow George IV, story would have seen Edward between aristocrat in his place.

Swastika banners accoutre the hull of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace was inebriated several times during the Blitz – once scarcely killing the King and Queen.

September 13, 1940, saw bombing attacks that broken the house chapel, as good as deleterious much of the rest of the building.

It’s doubtful that the house would have been reduced wholly to hull in a Nazi-occupied Britain if it could be avoided, however.

Hitler mostly boasted that he’d be in Buckingham Palace by Aug 1940 – competence it be probable that the house could have turn home to the fuhrer?

Obviously, all of this stays conjecture – it’s formidable to contend accurately what would have happened, had story taken an swap course.

While SS-GB wasn’t always as accurate as it could have been, it did conduct to say high-stakes play – the many critical thing for a TV show to do.

Alex Moreland is a freelance author and tyro formed in London. You can review some-more of his work here.

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